Perry Says ObamaCare Will Fail

Oh boy, now The Gov. says he thinks ObamaCare “may fail” in an interview with Forbes.

In the interview The Gov. says “Well, I’m not sure Obamacare is going to be successful.” His reasoning is that the exchanges are not going to work because the states don’t know what the rules are. He even predicted disaster if governors opt in to running the state-run health care exchanges.

So why is The Gov. so adamant not to set up a state-run health care exchange? Well first off he says that the states don’t have a say in the exchanges as the rules are mandated by Washington and any state instituted exchange has to be federally approved. He also claims that the federal government’s going to have to run the exchanges and they don’t have the know how or money to do it. The Gov. then says “I’m not holding my breath” that the government will block-grant money back to the states, which he sees as a solution.

Ok so now we have an idea into his reasoning. First off it was proposed by Obama but secondly and more importantly, Washington will not block-grant money to Texas and let him use it for any reason, say balancing the budget and allow him to further reduce business taxes.

To say no one knows what the rules are is a typical TeaBagger ploy to make it sound like Washington is shoving something down the throats of hard working Texans. Why not look up California’s plan. Simple enough and they are not whining like little girls.

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