America Haters cheer loss of Olympics

The Anti-American Right never ceases to amaze me.  Any opportunity to bash the Obama Administration is cause for celebration.  Whether the bashing is good for the country or not doesn’t matter.  The bashers are in such a feeding frenzy the good of the country has been tossed aside.  Take for example the latest attack on America.  The US of A had a shot at hosting the Olympics in 2016.   Not to mention the prestige that comes along with hosting the Games, but in such hard economic times, the wealth of job creation and the economic influx would seem something to be something to be celebrated.  But alas, the right see this as a boon for their cause of bringing down the President and America along with him.  Doesn’t matter who or what is hurt in the process.  The only thing that matters is bringing down America to win their cause.  Take Bill Kritols’ Weekly Standard.  As soon as the word that Chicago had been rejected The Weekly Standard blogger John McCormack wrote on the magazine’s blog,  “Chicago Loses! Chicago Loses!” and that “Cheers erupt at WEEKLY STANDARD world  headquarters”.  The post was removed shortly after the posting as it became apparent that maybe this would be seen as Anti-American.  Think Progress was able to get a screen shot of the posting before it was removed, see it here.

Has the hatred for a half black president come to such the point that the opposition party sees that it’s only chance to bring him down and destroy his presidency is to destroy America?

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