Governor Perry Skips Wildfire Press Conference

The Gov skipped out on a planned visit to Bastrop Texas on Saturday, as criticism of his handling and occasional tone deafness surrounding the dangerous blaze continues to grow. The Campaigner-in-Chief was scheduled to hold a press conference in Bastrop. The location of the press conference was changed once, and then local officials briefed the media without The Gov. His mouthpiece, Allison Castle, reported that The Gov was in Austin

Last week, The Gov was in South Carolina and supposedly left to return to address the wildfires, but decided it would be more fun to go visit some Teabagger friends and do some secessionist planning, campaigning and fundraising out west in California. A spokesman for his fundraising team commented that fundraising was “going like wildfire” – a term many Texans suffering the worst drought and fires consider tone deaf to their current situation.

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