Our Texas Government at work

West Texas is turning to ashes from devestating wildfires. Thunderstoms pummel north and east Texas where thousands of homes and businesses are left without elctricity.  Over a quarter of the peoples are wihout insurance.  The state, according to The Gov’ner, faces a gazilliaon dollar defecit and need to secede to correct it. And what does our hard working elites in Austin do to help tackle these problems?  They propose a bill that would bar district clerks from accepting court orders from transgendered individuals recognizing they had a sex change as legal documentation for a marriage license.  You got it, the Republican majority is so ignorant/homophobic that they are afraid that teh gays will get sex changes just to get married.   The Gov’ner has stated he will sign the law if it comes to his desk as Christian law teaches us marriage is between one man and one woman. The law would make it illegal for someone who had sex reversion surgery at a very young age to get married as it states that the sex on the birth certificate is the only sex recognized.   As a side note Teabaggers are reportedly jumping up and down hoping the law passes as then they will claim President Obama is living in sin with two illegitimate children in the White House.  Since he don’t have no birth certificate, under our law he could not prove he was male, thus he could not get married.

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