Perry Spending $400,000 a Month on Security

The Gov is the only Republican candidate for President with Security Guards financed by taxpayers.  The security putss the tax payers of Texas on the hook to the tune of $400,000 a month.  The Texas Department of Public Safety records show they spent more over $1.4 million on out-of-state trips between September to mid-December of 2011 on The Gov’s security detail.

The Gov who repeatedly said that government spending is put pf control and taxpayers shouldn’t be footing the bill for politicians careless ways flippantly has said “I’m going to be promoting Texas, I’m going to be traveling to places where the Texas story needs to be told, and we will tell it.”

This appears to be a gross miscarriage of the public trust.  It appears The Gov does not like to practice what the preaches.  As we reported earlier, The Gov has retired while serving as Governor of Texas so that he can double dip the state to a tune of almost double his salary.  Now he says he is spreading he message of Texas as he campaigns in places like  Iowa and South Carolina.   This appears to be nothing more than a ruse to put the citizens of Texas on the hook to pay for his national ambitions.

Not that anything can or will be done in the Right Wing controlled legislature of Texas, it just seems to be patently wrong.

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