Texas now needs FEMA

Strong winds and dry conditions made for difficult conditions for Texas battling wildfires in communities across Texas.  Austin was not immune and had a fire that destroyed several homes and required water drops from aircraft to battle it.   The wildfires have spread across more than 700,000 acres in drought-stricken Texas. More than a half dozen large fires were still burning.

Sunday Governor Perry asked President Obama for federal help.  Ouch….  “Texas is reaching its capacity to respond to these emergencies and is in need of federal assistance,” Perry said in a statement Sunday. “I urge President Obama to approve our request quickly.”

Now in my opinion this is what a responsible Governor should be doing.  Working with the federal government to benefit the citizens.  But what seems hypocritical to me is that not even a year ago the Governor and his party were bemoaning the largesse of the federal government.  Many of the Teabagger Partiers in their zeal to attack President Obama, even now are screaming how the government is broke and even espoused the mantra that FEMA was unconstitutional.   But now that the State that brags it can take care of itself and should secede is begging for help from the very federal government they hate.

Sometimes it makes me ashamed to be kin to these nimrods.  Yes we fought the war a 150 years ago, lost and have moved on, so get over it and let’s work hand in hand to make this a better State and a better Nation.

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  1. Same story in in oklahoma. Our congressman and governor are 10ther crazy. Our senators think anything Obama does is wrong because he is the one that did it and now that a tornado has caused a ton of damage they have decided is alright to spend federal money to rebuild instead of state money.

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