We Hate America Secessionist Rally in Austin

An all time low in the eyes of Texas.  Secessionist Candidates for Governor and 200 or so of their supporters held a rally on the Capital in Austin on Saturday August 29th.  Larry Kilgore, American Hating Christian Activist, declared it from the steps of the Capitol.  Mr. Kilgore was followed by fellow treasonous speakers, Debra Medina, also a candidate for Governor of Texas, Tracy Miller and Daniel Miller.  It should be noted that since Fox News did not have any of their on air personalities on hand, Govenor Perry, who endorsed secession at the Fox News Austin Tea Party on April 15th,  did not have the courage to attend.   Mr. Kilgore attempts to convince the rally that secession would be a peaceful process and even in the event it gets dicey, the military will back the traitors as they have been dumped on too.

Ms. Medina calls the United States the Enemy and gives notice and cautions the enemy, the United States Government that we will not stand for them treading on her, nationalizing business and being facists. Ms Medina espouses the phrase common to the seccesionist traitors “we are aware that the tree of liberty is occasionally watered by the blood of tyrants and patriots”.

First two speakers, candidates for Texas Governor, hate the United States and call for the spilling of the blood of the leaders of the United States government.

Next comes Tracy Miller whose two minutes of fame come from protesting at Representative Sheila Jackson Lee’s Town Hall meeting. Ms. Miller reminds the crowd that she is sure they remember her from asking Representative Sheila Jackson Lee a question. Ms. Miller’s whole message is that Texas must secede because the National Health Reform proposal is violating everyone of there civil rights. It will even allow for her right to privacy being lost.

Next speaker is Daniel Miller, leader of the Texas Nationalist Movement who brings dire warnings that bloodshed should be expected and that he will be right behind those who stand up and fight the United States government when the call is made.

These American Hating Patriots seem to have one reason for demanding that Texas secede from the United States and that is that the rest of the idiots in the country elected a black man their President.  They denounce every action the Obama administration has taken or even proposed to try and fix the mess left by their fellow Republicans.  In their eyes this balck man is out to take total control of their very existence.  They are afraid their redneck, all white way of life is coming to an end.  Look thru the Rally participants and see if you see any black or brown faces.

The all white, super American Hating Patriotswere well behaved. They displayed the usual anti-Obama signs and cheered on the speakers in unison with Americn Hating rhetoric.

From a white  Texans eyes, these so called Texas Patriots are nothing more than scumbag traitors and should be put up against a wall and shot.

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  1. What is wrong with you. You say you are a texan but i would bet youre from New York or Maine or some other librul hellhole. Everything these fine Texas Patriots say is true. The Fascists are throwing the constitution in the trash and stomping on our rights of freedom. Soon we won’t even be able to have rallys and let the libril easterners know what is on our minds. And quit bashing Gov,Perry. He is a fine man who is on our side and wsas probably out of the state and couldn’t be there. I know he is on our side and will bring the issue up when he is reelected next year.

  2. HeHe, funny how when you don’t have a point it is easier to just cast stones. It goes to show that the so called Tea Partying Patriots actually hate the very country they live in, however i would wager these are the same folks who blasted the Iraq war protestors. But what I truly find interesting is Mr Daniels rewriting of history. Sam Houston was against secession and lost his job after the legislature voted against him. Mr Daniles, a leader of the Texas Nationalist Movement, also has other whacky ideas such as the United States just saying ok and giving Texas everything they want peacefully when Texas secedes. Hmmmmmmmmm

  3. Jiminy, these here boys ain’t got s clue. I was born and raised just outside Houston and served 21 years in Uncle Sams Army. What these yahoos don’t get is that for the large part the servicemen and women are non political. We take an oath to preserve and defend the United States of America against enemies foriegn and domestic. Just because you don’t like the current president, think the election was a sham or can’t stand the fact that he is black, well half black, don’t go and assume the soldiers from Texas are going to follow you off the cliff. Anybody that has put his life on the line to protect you does not take kindly to you saying you “Hate that Flag”, the very flag that drapes the coffins of those brave young men who are fighting to give you your free speech rights.

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