Your Texas A Nuclear Waste Dump

It looks as if an Andrews County Landfill owned by Waste Control Specialists LLC, which is owned by Harold Simmons will be allowed to import 2.3 million tons of nuclear waste now that  Bobby Gregory’s, one of the eight-member Texas Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Compact Commission, term has expired.  Mr Gregory has opposed the importation of the Nuclear Waste into Texas.  The Gov. wants to turn the dump, just south of Austin, into a depository for the nation’s low level waste.  Coincidently, Mr. Simmon’s, the site’s owner who stands to make millions off the deal has donated over 1 million dollars to The Gov’s  gubernatorial campaigns.

Mr. Gregory opposed the program from the outset and after putting up a fight to stop it was mysteriously offered an appointment as a regent of a state university which he turned down so that he could stay on the Commission to fight the deal.

The Gov’s mouthpiece, Ms. Frasier, did not dispute offering Mr. Gregory the Regency.  She would not comment on the Mr. Simmon’s ties to The Gov. She would also not comment on The Gov’s intention to remove a waste specialist from the board in favor of overseeing a university. She broadly defended the process.

Reuters reports the Ms. Frasier saying “Governor Perry makes appointments based on the qualifications of an individual and his or her ability to serve in Texas’ best interests, nothing more.”

Chuck McDonald, spokesman for Waste Control Specialists dismissed any suggestion that his boss’ donations had gained him any favors from Perry or state regulators.  He stated that Mr. Simmons’ support of The Gov is not unique and extends to Republican conservative candidates nationwide and that if you are a conservative Republican seeking office, Mr. Simmons is going to support you.”

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  1. Makes good business sense to me. Texas leads the nation on getting people jobs. Mr. Perry knows that you do what ever it takes to get er done. There will be plenty of safe guards to make sure no body gets nuked. And when we get rid of the EPA and the United Nations Nuclear regualtory Company we can set out own rules and make even more jobs in that area.

  2. Just like Perry to do anything to reward his cronies regardless of the damage it may cause out great State.

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