Perry bans non citizens from campaign event

New Hampshire-based Associated Press writer Steve Peoples reported on Twitter that staffers at a Rick Perry campaign event there were asking reporters if they were U.S. citizens because only citizens would be allowed at the event.

As we know Perry is the King of the anti-immigrant candidate, but a few questions we have are:

Should a candidate for President of the United States put restrictions on the media?

If Perry were to be elected, would he continue this policy?

Does this policy apply to all foreigners or just Mexicans and Arabs?

We will see how this progresses.

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  1. Are you american or one of the foreigners you whine about. My god, this is America. why in the hell would you complain about godless foreiegners being allowed to ask the leaders of this questions anything. They don’t have any rights hers and shouldn’t even be here. I hope that when governor Perry is President he tells all the foreign news people to screw off. We don’t need or care what they think. All they want is our money anyways.

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