Perry, Texas Tea Party and King Street Patriots “Hell Bent on Disenfranchising Poor”

he Democratic Party of Texas blasted the The Houston Texas Tea Party group, King Street Patriots, for inviting columnist Matthew Vadum to speak at a fundraising event.  Vadum has written that registering poor people to vote was “antisocial and un-American”

As we wrote earlier this year during the 2010 election the King Street Patriots poll watchers participating in the “True The Vote” campaign were accused of numerous voting infractions and were being investigated by the Justice Department for their anti-voter fraud campaign after receiving a number of complaints about voter intimidation in Hispanic and African-American areas.

The Texas Democratic Party issues  a Press Release yesterday titled “King Street Patriots: Un-American for Poor to Vote”

Texas Democratic Party Chairman Boyd Richie said

“It’s fitting that the group whose sole purpose is to harass and intimidate minority voters would feature a rightwing extremist who thinks poor people shouldn’t be allowed to vote. But at least the King Street Patriots are finally being honest. This event serves as a gleeful admission from their group that folks who are likely to vote Democratic should be denied their fundamental right to vote.

Sadly, this group that’s hell bent on disenfranchising poor-folks and minorities is not an anomaly in today’s Republican Party. Rick Perry, the head of the Republican Party in Texas, has taken the lead in disenfranchising Texans. Perry’s redistricting plan was struck down because it violates the Voting Rights Act and his voter suppression legislation has not been pre-cleared because it is designed to keep certain people from voting. The King Street Patriots and Rick Perry are two peas in a pod.”

The Gov is indeed arm in arm with the radical group.  The Tea Bagger’s keep up the claim they are only looking out for voter fraud when indeed they are truly only trying to keep certain portions of the citizenry from voting at all.

Texas provided “incomplete” information that does not enable federal officials to determine whether their proposed voter ID law would be discriminatory, the Justice Department said today.

DOJ Civil Rights Division Voting Section Chief T. Christian Herren Jr. writes that Texas did not provide any of the required data on race. The Gov said that the voter registration process does not require an applicant to state his or her race, but the State is trying to compile the information from Department of Public Safety information as quickly as possible.

Redistricting plan rejected, now pushing what amounts to Jim Crow laws.  The King Street Patriots are w0rking arm and arm with The Gov to disenfranchise as many minority and poor Texans as they can in what they see as an effort to dilute the Democratic Vote.  The Gov even before his Presidential run was in bed with the group and praised the King Street Patriot’s president, Catherine Engelbrecht, at the ribbon cutting of  the grand opening of their new headquarters.

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  1. The voting integrity of Texas must be ensured. If Texas Patriots don’t act decisively then the ACORN RADICALS will use their socialist mobs to tke over. Texas should not have to provide anything to the Communist Obummer Regime. These don’t want God fearing Texans controlling their own State. Texas is being taken over by illegal mexicans and with takeover of our cities by all the blacks from Louisiana. Why should us good white christian natives of Texas have to let them tell us how to run our state. If these non-texans don’t get to vote, so what? We shouldn’t have to allow people who are not from here tell us how to run our homeland. We already beat these people in a war over a hundred and fifty years ago, can’t they learn that we are better than them? As long as Govenor Perry keeps his Christian faith and holds strong and works with the King Street Patiots, we will continue to enjoy the prosperity and freedom we fought so hard for and deserve.

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