Valero To Get $92 Million Tax Break While School Budgets Are Cut

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality’s commissioners appointed by The Gov are poised to grant some of the nation’s largest refineries a tax refund of more than $135 million.  As we have on previous reports,  The schools in Texas are severely under funded and rank 3rd from the bottom in the nation for drop out rates, low graduation rates and have one of the highest childhood poverty rates. Millions of Texas students began the school year without new textbooks and other essential school supplies because The Gov. slashed the Education Budget.  $135 million would help some of the cash strapped schools.

Public education funding was gutted in the budget The Gov signed this year. But The Gov’s hand-picked appointees look like they are ready to take more to give to their rich patron’s Big Oil in the name of a tax break.

Valero has persistently lobbied for the refund and is set to receive more than $92 million from the commission. Valero has given more money to The Gov.  than any other politician in the country except one.

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