Bad news if Governor Rick Perry wants to run for President

Poor Ol’ Governor Perry, wanting to be asked to save the Grand Old Party by being asked to run for president only to find himself near the bottom of the barrel among Texas Voters in a recent poll by the University of Texas. The Gov. at 4 percent, just barely ahead of Jon Hunstman the […]

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) ain’t giving Governor Perry federal money to combat the wildfires

The Gov. has been harping constantly that FEMA won’t give Texas aid when two and a half million acres of the State is been on fire. Unreported in most Texas news coverage is the reason why. The Elitist Teabaggers in their continuing efforts to run the State into the ground cut $34 million or 1/3 […]

Is Governor Rick Perry running for President?

Is Governor Rick Perry running for President?   The Gov has insisted for some time that he has no interest in running for President, however is he just playing hard to get?  He attends events that attract those who have aspirations for the lands High Office.   Last year he was one of the stars at the […]

Perry Endorses the Radical Secessionist King Street Patriots

Texas Republican Governor Rick Perry just can’t help himself when it comes to snuggling up the the Radical Secessionist Wingnuts of the State.  The Gov had his hair all done up nice and purty as he did the ribbon cutting honors at the King Street Patriots’ new headquarters at 7232 Wynnwood Lane in Houston, Texas.  […]

Yea, more NASCAR Racing in Texas, Oh, wait its only Formula One Racing

Just heard that I was going to be able to see the good ol’ boys another time each year by hopping over to Austin.  Then after doing a little reading I find out it’s only Formula One.  Formula what?  These guys quit racing in the US years ago as the sport was hemorrhaging money like […]

Republicans Support our Troops? No!!!

The U.S. House of Representatives under control of the Republicans and under pressure from the TeaBaggers are truely a confusing bunch.  These Republicans have built their careers and a huge chunk of their party platform of being the only party that is strong on national defense and the owners of the Phrase “Support our Troops”.  […]