Yea, more NASCAR Racing in Texas, Oh, wait its only Formula One Racing

Just heard that I was going to be able to see the good ol’ boys another time each year by hopping over to Austin.  Then after doing a little reading I find out it’s only Formula One.  Formula what?  These guys quit racing in the US years ago as the sport was hemorrhaging money like the Mississippi waters are doing to the poor folks in Tennessee and Mississippi.

Oh, but then it just gets even better.  Our Elitist Teabaggers in Austin are giving away $25,000,000 of our tax dollars, yes you read right, twenty five million dollars of our tax dollars as seed money to bring a race to Austin.  Twenty five million dollars a year that could be used to keep some of the 97,ooo or so school teachers on the job teaching our children.

Interesting to find out that Billionaire B.J. Red McCombs, the co-founder of Clear Channel Communications and one of Forbes 400 richest Americans is the one behind the effort.  McCombs is a conservative backer of many right wing causes and as we know the welfare of the working class people is not a right wing concern.  Formula One has the reputation of being a sport of the rich and famous.

Although the sport enjoys the  adoration of the rich in Europe and elsewhere in the former european and Spanish colonies it has fallen out of grace to it’s American fan base.  Wasn’t that long ago that anything French or European was an anthema to U.S. values.  Now however, the top one percent have taken full control of the economy and government of Texas and have  convinced their Teabagger base to forget all that and that the policies that take from them to help billionaires is good.  They forget to tell their clueless Teabagger base taht most all of them will not even be able afford to sit in the stands.

Anyways to get back on track, McCombs has convinced the Perry Administration to take the money in a fund that had originally been set up to draw conventions and collegiate sporting events to Austin and use it to subsidize their Rich Man’s Sport.  With no assurance that this arrangement will be of any benefit to the city, the Teabaggers figured out that by using the fund they don’t have to bring it before the legislature to be publicized and voted on.  Sounds like business as usual for the Elitist Teabaggers.

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