The Texas Women’s Health Program may soon be a thing of the past.

In their zeal to find jobs for all Texans in need, the Teabagger Legislators have again strayed from the path and to the fork to social issues, surprise surprise.

In 2005 the Women’s Health Program or WHP was created to provide health care for women, gynecological exams, related health screenings and birth control through the Texas Medicaid program.  In the bill creating the program in an attempt to keep Planned Parenthood out of the program an amendment was inserted by Greenville Texas Republican State Senator Bob Deuell which excluded any abortion provider from participating or administering any part of the progam that helps almost 100,000 uninsured women who earn under $1,604 a month.  However, the Health and Human Services lawyers claimed that the exclusion would be unconstitutional the amendment was axed and Planned Parenthood was allowed to participate.

Now our Elitist Legislators are following their fellow Teabaggers from other states in a full frontal assault on Planned Parenthood as a backdoor way to end abortion.  In committee vote to renew the program Deuell inserted language to not only excludes Planned Parenthood from participaqting but also completely defunds the entire program if Planned Parenthood sues to be allowed to participate.

In the anti-abortion atmosphere in Texas, Planned Parenthood is sure to lose out and leave almost 100,000 uninsured women helpless.  Duell claims that other options are available, private medical practitioners can pick up the slack.  The problem with this claim is that doctors in private practice don’t get the funding the family planning centers get thus are less likely to accept the poor women, who are unable to pay, as patients.

In his anti-abortion zeal, Duell puts politics above the financial well being of the state and cost countless jobs.   Typical Teabag logic.

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