Bad news if Governor Rick Perry wants to run for President

Poor Ol’ Governor Perry, wanting to be asked to save the Grand Old Party by being asked to run for president only to find himself near the bottom of the barrel among Texas Voters in a recent poll by the University of Texas. The Gov. at 4 percent, just barely ahead of Jon Hunstman the former Governor of Utah and more recently, Obama’s Ambasador to China who is at 1 percent. Next comes former U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania at a whopping 3 percent, then Perry tied with Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty. Even, I’m gonna run, no I’m not, no wait yes I am, Donald Trump is ahead of Perry at 6 percent.

More bad news for The that according to the poll, only 41 percent approve of his job performance while 42 percent disapprove of it. Ouch. Looks like The Gov. is really gonna have to get his spin machine in high gear soon to reverse this bad news.

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  1. Govenor Perry has been the best governor we have had in decades. Bush was a good govenor but Govenor Perry has done great things. He has kept us with no income tax. He has kept out the gamblers making them stay otside the borders. He has forced Obama to get him more borger guards. He fought hard to put up a fence but was spit on by the socialists that want more mexicans in texas to vote for them. Govenor Perry would make a great president and would make the goverment let the states do what they want to do.

  2. Texan4Ever, What a rube. Do you ever read the news to see what is actually happening in Texas, or is your TV stuck on Faux News? Perry has been a disaster. Texas leads the nation in all the bad categories, like largest class size, most citizens uninsured, most working in poverty level jobs, and th list goes on and on.

    You mention that he has kspt us from having an income tax. Well yeah that is correct. But what you appear to ignorant to realize is that he shifted the birdn to Property Taxes, the Sales Tax and uhh, gamblers who play the lottery.

    But then you say he kept the gamblers out of the state. That was real smart. Oklahoma Louisisana and New Mexico make millions off the Texas who want to gamble which results in millions of tax dollars to their respective states.

    Your next argument is well, dumbfounding. First you say he forced Obama to give hem more border guards. We’re you asleep during the Bush years and during the 08 campaign. Bush stalled and stalled and stalled and sent some unarmed National Guardsmen and minimal funding for a fence. Obama campaigned on strengthening the border and doubled the guards. The fence has proved to be a boondoggle and virtually unrealistic. Oh and the other night Perry was on faux news in a pre-presidential announcement appeareance, whining about how evil the feds are and how much help he needs at the border and obama wont listen to poor me waa, waa, waa, all after he snubbed the President and wouldn’t meet with him when the Pres was here.

    Lastly, and this is what makes me think you are a rube, is that Perry would make a great president and would let the states run amok. Isn’t one of the oaths of duty of the president to preerve the union. How in the hell is he to going to do this and let the states do what they want?

    Wisen up my friend. Apparently you can read so why don’t you do more of it and see what is really going on in Texas.

  3. Rube, I’ll show ya rube, what the hell is Othelloiago, some fancy pants European wannabe name? You libertards bug the dogcrap out of me. Any time some fine upstanding christian man does something good for the people you go and start calling them names and saying bad things about them. You try to change the subject so that good upstanding texans who think your socialist facist president who is steering america like the titanic down into the cold water. just wait til Our GREAT GOVENOR PERRY become PRESIDENT PERRY, he will put Bama where he belongs, in Guantamo. Govenor Perry has done nothing but good while your so called president has ruined this good country, We need to get back to where we were before him and Kennedy and Johnson and Clinton tried to turn us into multicultual Europe. We need to be like we were in the 50’s befor all this bs started, things were better then and President Perry will get us back there, @hole..

  4. Texas4ever

    You’re a country bumpkin alright. One of the good ole boys that needs to stay on the farm; but wait you can’t, Perry helped to make sure they’re in the hands of big business. This country has had it with anyone coming from this state and you won’t see another Texas “anything” in the White House within the next century. The growth period you’ve seen is on the skids, stick around and see who’s right this coming decade. Perry’s a fool and there is absolutely nothing he’s done that made this state grow. If you think he did you don’t know your TX History, so try and read the TX Constitution and see how little power a TX Governor actually has. Great governor? Pice of dung governor. No one wants that Jack Ass!

  5. why does anyone respond to the obviously mentally deficient texan4ever? he is completely ridiculous. i really think it’s ann coulter, doing her best to try and sound intelligible. he actually says…othelloiago is a fancypants name?? haha – he would have to work his way up to be called a rube!

  6. For Texan4Ever,Based on your comments ,you sir are a complete dumbass to be a Texan. Then again,the smart ones born in Texas have better advance than you and your country bumpkin,hillbilly,klan wearing family.

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