Texas’ TSA Anti-Groping Bill shot down

A couple of weeks ago I posted an article that the Texas House had passed an TSA Anti-Groping Bill H.B. No. 1937.  But this week Washington brought the Republicans in the Senate to their knees by threatening to ground all flights out of Texas.

Teabagger favorite, State Senator Dan Patrick (R) caved in and withdrew his bill saying that he would not cave in to heavy handed threats by the federal government.  Shortly thereafter the pitchfork crowd was going crazy.  Alex Jones called for citizens, tourists to go to the Capitol and let their Senators know they were against them cowing down to the Feds.  He asked Semi-Truck Drivers and Dump Truck Drivers to circle the Capitol building while blowing their horns.  Ok so far so good.  Rational ways to protest decisions you disagree with in a democracy.

But no that was not good enough.  Jones went on to claim that  Lt. Governor David Dewhurst (R) killed the bill becausr he is  an establishment insider. Jones also claims that Dewhurst played the role of Judas to protect the agenda of the Obama administration and ignore the will of the people of Texas.  Much is now being made that Dewhurst was a CIA agent in Bolivia in the early 70’s when the US allegedly helped overthrow the elected government and help install a General with ties to Nazi fugitive Klaus Barbie.  He was even asked recently by a reporter it he enjoyed having a drink with the Butcher of Lyon. So now on all Teabaggers are awash in their hatred for the Traitor Dewhurst.  There were even calls for him to be tried for Treason.  The issue has blown into another reason for the State to secede and get rid of the Nazi Socialist Obama controlled federal government.

This is typical knee jerk reactions the Teabaggers are well known for.  The Elitist Teabagger Puppet Masters don’t like Dewhurst and are using this issue to get the pitchfork crowd all fired up against him.  It is well known that if The Gov. heads off to pursue his aspiration of being the President of the country he thinks is evil, that Dewhurst wants to become Governor.  That scenario is unacceptable to those behind the curtain directing the Teabaggers.

Instead of looking for a compromise to end what truly needs correcting the Teabaggers dig in, grab their pitchforks and spout Anti-American rhetoric.

And to think I thought that Texas had finally found a problem, showed some common sense and found a way to correct it.  But sadly not this time.  Sighhhh.

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