Governor Perry Vetoes Tax Collection Bill.

Our Texas Elitist Teabagger Legislators came up with a big surprise surprise surprise.  Now, knowing the penchant of the TeaBaggers for letting the Rich and Corporations discard any social responsibility, it came across to me as quite a shock when the passed a bill and actually sent it to our beloved leader “The Gov” Rick Perry.  The bill (HB 2403) introduced by Rep. Harvey Hilderbran, R – Kerville, is a bill to raise taxes.  OK not necessarily raise taxes but to collect them from businesses that do service in Texas over the intertubes.

State comptroller Susan Combs said that Amazon alone owed the state $269 million in sales taxes it failed to collect from 2005 to 2009.

Ms Combs might start updating her resume as she has committed a cardinal sin against the Elitist Teabaggers.  I’m wondering how long before the villagers will be inundated with insulting propaganda against her by the right wing noise machine.   Her sin, she made the declaration that Amazon and other online retailers collect sales taxes just like brick and mortar retailers in Texas do, the Teabagger Company told her that they would just quit doing business in Texas.   The CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos claimed that collecting sales taxes from his company would be unconstitutional, a favorite line of the Corporatist Teabaggers.

So what position does The Gov take?  He unceremoniously vetoes it.  No surprise there.

Now I’m not a fan of taxes either, but it does seem that this was a reasonable attempt to shore up a little of the shortfall of the $18.3 billion defcit in the State’s budget for the next two years.  So instead of the Corporatists paying a little more The Gov. has forced the State to lay of some 6,000 employees, teachers, firefighters, maintenance workers, etc., and cut services to the Women and Children services.

Sighhh,  for a group of people who relish the 50’s lifestyle, they sure have forgotten the tenet of Civic Responsibility that was so prevalent in that era.

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