New life for the Texas’ TSA Anti-Groping Bill?

Reformed Baptist, Teabagger Representative David Simpson (R) – Longview, sees new life in his crusade against the Fascists in Washington.  Simpson is firm in his stance that the State has the right to disavow federal laws it disagrees with.  His bill HB 1937 which wold enforce legal proceedings against TSA agents who touched peoples private parts was shut down last week when the feds implied they would not allow any flights originating in Texas to come into the rest of the good ol’ USofA if the law was enacted.

At that time, Teabagger favorite, State Senator Dan Patrick (R) caved in and withdrew his bill saying that he would not cave in to heavy handed threats by the federal government. This led to shock jock Alex Jones to claim Lt. Governor Dewhurst killed the bill and a call for the villagers to grab their pitchforks and head to the Capitol.

Well now after a weekend in Hell, Dewhurst has written a letter to The Gov requesting him to call a Special Session and reconsider the bill. Simpson says that his legislation only requires the Fascist TSA agents to do their duty upholding the Fourth Amendment language pertaining to search and seizure in the Constitution.  He claims that the federal government wants to deprive the citizens of Texas of their constitutional rights under the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution and Article 1, Section 9 of the Texas Constitution.  In an letter to Texas Legislators he uses the Teabagger adage of “If we do not stand for our citizens in the face of this deprivation of their personal rights and dignity, who will?”

Should be interesting to see if “The Gov.” wants a conflict with the Federal Government just as he prepares to throw his hat in the ring and announce that he wants to be the President, in charge of those same Feds.  Get the popcorn and stay tuned.

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  1. Damn right, If we dont stand for our rights you libertards will steal them away. Govenor Perry is a good man and will tell Obama and his thugs to go to hell. Texas is stronger than anyone else and no one will mess with texas if we say so. When we secede Texas will be the strongest country in north america. Washington surely wont mess with us. So go move to Gernamy or france you puke.

  2. hahahahahahaha look at the state of the world today! ooo boo hoo the poor radicalized texans have to expose themselves to being ‘touched’. look at the state of the world affairs. poor texan rich boys can’t be trusted. you’re all suspects. see how your government treats you all? patriot acts and all. now you’re all in a pickle. democracy? looks like the baptists have more than freedom on their plate. i’m sure if they held all the cards we’d all be singin the choir in chuch too. so boo hoo to the radicalized ‘believers’. you voted republican now eat the cake. eh remember bush? cheney? now you eat the rotten apples you all wanted so dearly. go pray. pray that next time you take a flight you don’t get felt up by the bi-sexual government employee. o yeah. there’s gay men workin there too. i’m sure those gay government boys love touchin texans. hahahahahaha

  3. This article was linked from today, Sunday, June 12, so it is way cold. We still don’t know what Rick Perry will do but so far he is dragging his feet.

    I am a Texan and I am a Christian and I am an American. I am not a liberal or a conservative or a libertarian or a Tea Party member.

    What the TSA is doing is sexual assualt, not a “pat down.” TTure exans are the only Americans with the righteousness to stand up to our thug federal government.

    I do not trust Rick Perry or any member of the Texas legislature. They are playing some kind of manipulative trick on we the Texans as I type.

    I have to say what a truly nauseating unTexan website this is and article this is.

  4. Why is it that every interview of a Tea Party attendee leaves me with the impression that all Tea Party folks are ignorant as the day is long? Are reporters picking and choosing which interviewees to air just to make the Tea Party folks look bad? Why not interview Alex Jones? I will tell you why. Because he knows what he is talking about and is way more articulate than most. That being said, even Jones doesn’t tell the whole story. He gives you the information and points you in the right direction but lets you come to your own conclusions about who is behind much of the freedom destroying legislation in America.It is an absolute fact that we have a Zionist occupied government taking us down the road to a police state and tyranny. Don’t think so? Then do a little research and you will soon discover that it is the likes of Shumer, Chertoff and Lieberman behind the Patriot Act and the call for a “Chinese” style internet. Jews control 96% of all of the privately held media outlet in the world. They control all of the “too big to fail” banks, have the most powerful foreign lobby, AIPAC, which by the way is not registered as a foreign lobby. What is with that? Seems registering would restrict their ability to undermine our political process with contributions to election campaigns. What is even worse is that Israel uses the money we give them in foreign aid to screw us. I think people are starting to understand that Jewish control of Hollywood is a major factor in the breathtaking moral decline in the U.S. If the Zionists are able to destroy the sovereignty of the U.S. the rest of the planet is theirs for the taking.

  5. Governor wants to run for president, this presents a problem for him. To get elected you must please the globalists. If you stand with the people you are dismissed. As for votes well we have those voting machines that are far from tamper proof. So the outcome on this will be obvious, eh?

  6. Gov Perry a “good man”? This is the man that wants the Texas Coridor and Guardisil for little girls. Please research those two topics. The Gov won’t tell Obama anything but what Barkey wants to hear. Both are New World Order Globalists. Sorry to disturb your fantasy.

  7. Dear Sir you sound like you agree with TSA Goons intimidating good American citizens in the name of Security from The Big Bad Boogey man Alqaeda run by the military industrial complex for profit and world domination. The airlines hotels and American tourist industry are hurting badly because of this baloney and it needs to be stopped

  8. I hope you Texans pass this bill and call the FED’s bluff. However I would not trust Perry. He’ll sell Texas to the highest bidder. As far a secession; that is a dangerous road to go down. Nullification if adopted by the several states would effectively block Fed intrusion. Good luck Texas!!!

  9. Go for it Texas. As I have said in the past, If the TSA Nazi’s touch me, I will file a law suit against them and that xxxx JanetN. It is a violation of the 4th Amendment. One way to stop these “TSA” Nazi’s is to get everyone that will board the airplane to refuse the X Ray and pat down. By doing this, the airline will loose money while the plane is sitting on the tarmac. You want to see the crap it the fan? If this was done at several airports you will see a change in how they search you. Get rid of these TSA Nazi’s.

  10. The Case of Marbury v. Madison (5 U.S. 137 1803 ) is a legal process addressed to the Supreme Court of the United States and decided on February 24 of 1803 . It is considered the most important case law U.S. , not the specific issue addressed, it was not minor, but by the principles he established.
    The ruling affirms the ability of courts to judge the conformity of laws with the Constitution and to destroy, unenforceable, that that might contravene it. The first statue was most important award of U.S. courts, and makes them the first constitutional courts in history.
    The case arose as a result of political grievance following the presidential election of 1800, in which Thomas Jefferson , Republican Democrat, defeated former president John Adams , a Federalist. In the final days of the Adams, the Federalist-dominated Congress established a series of judicial offices, including 42 justices of the peace for the District of Columbia. The Senate confirmed the nominations, the president signed and the secretary of state was in charge of sealing and delivery fees. In the rush of last minute, the outgoing secretary of state gave the commission four justices of the peace, among whom was William Marbury.
    The new secretary of state under President Jefferson, James Madison , refused to deliver the commissions because the new government was angered by the move of the Federalists of trying to secure control of the judiciary with the appointment of members of his party. Marbury appealed to the Supreme Court to order Madison to deliver his commission.
    If the court rules in favor of Marbury, Madison might still refusing to give the commission and the Court would have no way of enforcing the order. If the Court ruled against Marbury, it risked subjecting the judiciary to the Jeffersonians by allowing them to deny Marbury the office who could legally claim. The Chief Justice John Marshall solved this dilemma by deciding that the Supreme Court had no authority to settle this case. Marshall ruled that Section 13 of the Judiciary Act, which gave the Court such powers, was unconstitutional because it enlarged the original jurisdiction of the Court of jurisdiction defined by the Constitution itself. In deciding not to intervene in this case, the Supreme Court of the United States (hereinafter, “SCOTUS”) secured its position as final arbiter of the law.

    The current SCOTUS has a Federalist majority (5), with a 6th “Fedalist-leaning”. This does not bode well for Texas, as we have seen in previous SCOTUS court ruling which, when confronted on Federalist issues, has ruled likewise (see, Bush v. Gore, 531 U.S. 98 (2000). The foundation for conflict is as old as the Civil War itself. Keep in mind, the Confederate Constitution did not differ from that of the Northern States Constitution. So one would ask, what difference, if any, did the two have? Quite simply, it was President Lincoln’s contention (as was POTUS Thomas Jefferson) to have the Declaration of Independence codified into U.S. Constitutional law. Those opposed to such were the Southern Democrats of the antebellum South who, by far measure, were opposed to the Declaration as law. Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address quotes “four score and seven”, which, if you do the math, is 04 July 1776 — NOT 17 September 1787. Incredibly, few people realize this significance (as they do the early conflict between Jefferson and Hamilton, whose principle foundations still exists today…Federalists v. ‘anti-Federalist’). The current Chief Justice, John G. Roberts, is a rabid Federalists and as such, would strongly dissent in Marbury v. Madison.

    The American electorate would be wise to stop watching mainstream television (“mainstream media”) and begin to educate themselves in unfiltered, revisionist history. As a footnote to Bush v. Gore, this author was astonished to find that few, if any average Americans who call themselves “conservatives” knew or approved of the majority opinion in that case. Specifically, that the average American has no constitution right to elect the POTUS. Rather, an appointed group of “electors” decide the outcome….a vestige of slavery and the Confederacy that still is alive and well today. Pity

  11. All Texas has to do is to threaten to have the Texas Atty. General begin a probe into the “war on terror” starting with the false-flag attack of 09/11/2001, and you’ll see how fast the Fed thugs will reconsider.

    In fact, some prosecutor in some state somewhere should do it regardless. The tyranny and the economic destruction and the illegal, immoral wars of aggression are going to get worse and worse until we either confront the criminaly insane madmen in Washington DC, or we end up a pile of nuclear ash.

    This madness cannot go on.

  12. Someone has to stand up for the US citizen! I am so sick of people saying this is going to keep them “safe!” Prison keeps you safe too, I guess… if being safe is being molested by perfect strangers! I really want to see the TSA searching the people who are trying to kills us, e.g., muslims. Grandma just want to go see her grandkids and DOES NOT intend any harm to anyone else on an airplane!

    I would love to see common sense come back and political correctness be outlawed in this country!

    Thank you, Texas! This is coming from the United Socialist Republic of Mexifornia!

  13. I was disappointed that the Texas legislature lost their balls, oops, I mean gall. If I lived in Texas I would vote for anyone who voted in favor of this legislation. The federal government needs to have it’s ass spanked and this is the way to do it. Perhaps, if Texas approves this legislation and they get a few convictions the feds will reconsider, what?, the feds? probably not, but if everyone revolted to this invasive crap it would be changed. I am sick of being treated like a criminal just because I need to use the air transportation system. When did flying or using trains or buses become a criminal activity? Oh, when the feds says it is/was!!

  14. The TSA must be stopped. This groping is a purposeful attack, not only on the individual, but on our inalienable right of being Free from strangers ‘looking’ for ‘some reason’ to ‘touch’ us, while having absolutely no basis, facts, or reasons to do so! It’s a baseless INVASION ON our persons (making it unconstitutional!). Obama and company (all with no experience in how to do – Anything!), were put in power – TO chop-down, OUR Constitution! One chop at a time!
    All this touchy-feely is done under the guise of “for your protection!” Or under the guise of…”the bad boogey-man will get YOU! Or under the guise of…they wish to protect “our children!”

    The fact is that this illegitimate president – with no experience in anything other than “how to break-up” America, taught to him as a child (a hated-child at that), like Hitler was hated.

    You need to know that obama, WAS a hated child. His father abandoned him, his mother shoved him off to her parents in Hawaii, totally embarrassed of her own black son (she being a white woman and running away from the then black/white tabboo!), his grand-parent booted him away to a man named Frank! Frank taught the hated child…how to hate the world! Now we have a man with a hate-psychosis in the White House! In OUR House!

    His objective is One and One only! Break-down America! Break-down the ‘system’ that hated him! Break-it, break it all! I’ll touch YOU if I want to touch YOU! I will show you hated, like YOU have hated me!

    Now we have a man who never sold a dollar-fifty hotdog, trying to run a multi-trillion dollar economy!

    We have a man who never did any military service, trying to confront our enemies on three battle-fronts!

    We have a hated man, with no compassion, trying to run the MOST COMPASSIONATE Nation in the Universe!

    Boot this loser from OUR House! The man has NO EXPERIENCE!

  15. Everyone needs to call the governors office at 512-463-2000 and ask politely for the governor to support the TSA Anti-groping bill, now known as HB 41 and SB 29. You can talk to someone tomorrow or leave a message today (Sunday).

  16. Must hard for you lefties to get your priorities straight. Let’s see, do you take the opportunity to sneer at and belittle Republicans, or do you support them (this time) in their fight against the “fascist?”

    Oh, and another thing.

    How do you weigh the need to fight for larger, more intrusive government, while at the same time explaining to your fellow goofballs that you don’t want the larger, more intrusive, TSA?

    Must be hard to reconcile all that.

    Me? I just fight for freedom.


  17. With weak bribe friendly Bilderberger backed heads like Perry and his sidekick Dewhurst, it is great to see a real Texian like Rep
    Simplson standing up the outrage that is Washington DC

  18. The fact that you use the term teabagger instead of Tea Party indicates the quality of your blogging, and put you right about the level of whale feces.The inability to conduct a civil discussion on political positions invalidates both extreme sides of the aisle.

    1. Wayne, when the now called Tea Party started, the folks participating in it called themselves TeaBaggers. I can post references and pictures of them with TeaBags hanging from their hats. These folks stood proudly in the County Squares this way, so why the problem with it now?

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