Rick Perry, a modern day Prophet among us

As we have been writing about for the past couple of months, the speculation that The Gov., aka Rick Perry, is dying to get his shot at running to be President of the very United States he thinks Texas should secede from.

You can see from just about any national poll that the Republicans as about as happy as wino with no wine. With all this good news The Gov sees his chance for being begged to save the Grand Ol Party from the evil Nazi, Fascist, Communist Obama regime.

Following the footsteps of his competitors, er losers, The Gov visited the mouthpiece of the Grand Ol Party to be interviewed, er , lobbed softball questions, from none other than the Fox’s Neil Cavuto. Cavuto posed a question as to why Perry was unpopular in his home state. Could it be that Texas after ten years of Perry’s incompetence has a record budget deficit, the highest percentage of uninsured residents in the country, a school system on the verge of collapse, and the highest percentage of uninsured residents in the country? No! No! No!

Mr Cauto asked Perry “You have kind of like the Chris Christie phenomenon: very popular outside your state, still popular but not nearly as popular within your state. There are even Tea Party groups within your state who like you but don’t love you. What do you say?

Perry answered “I say that a prophet is generally not loved in their hometown. That’s both Biblical and practical.”

The Gov has long used religion as a crutch to his political career, calling, as we noted earlier, for prayer for rain to stop the wildfires after he gutted the emergency responders funding. Perry even recently had a day of prayer, slated for August, asking the nation’s Governors to join him in prayer to solve the nation’s problems. Funny tho that The Gov does not tithe to any church let alone attend church. While enjoying living at a Lake Travis Mansion on Ten Thousand dollars a month rent at tax payers expense, his tax returns show he has never giving more than one half of one percent of his income to charity.

A Prophet though? if Perry were to somehow become President he would surely be a PROPHET of DOOM to our fragile democracy.

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