The Texas Women’s Health Program may soon be a thing of the past.

In their zeal to find jobs for all Texans in need, the Teabagger Legislators have again strayed from the path and to the fork to social issues, surprise surprise. In 2005 the Women’s Health Program or WHP was created to provide health care for women, gynecological exams, related health screenings and birth control through the […]

Chewing Tabaccy costs to go down due to new House Bill

Now here is one that really takes the cake.  As many places across the country in an effort to reduce usage and save on public health costs have raised tobacco taxes, the Texas House of Representatives has once again shown how in tune they are by doing a 180 and going in the other direction.  […]

Texas Passes Emergency Anti-Abortion Bill Requiring a Sonogram 24 Hours Before an Abortion

The Texas Grand Old Partiers campaigned on jobs, jobs and more jobs as their main priority to save Texas’ sagging economy.  Prior to the elections the TeaBaggers were in all their glory in Austin with The Beckster, Ted Nugent and Gov. Perry repeating over and over how government should stay of our lives, get out […]

Whining that FEMA turned down Fire Assistance Request

Ten years into his quest to reduce the economy of Texas to 3rd world status, rallying with the TeaBaggers and advocating secession because Texas can take care of itself and be better off without the Unconstitutional Federal Government and learning that FEMA has turned down the state’s request for funds to pay fighting the west […]