Cutting Medicaid, The Texas way to stop “ObamaCare”

Yesterday The Gov. along with several of the his Elitist TeaBagger supporters in the Texas Legislature slapped backs and smiled for the camera after the singing by The Gov. on the latest assault on the poor in Texas.  SB7 seeks to save $468 million Medicaid dollars over the next two years by expanding managed care, requiring co-payments and lowering of the earning eligibility to qualify for the program.   The Bill allows Texas to enter into health care compact with other states the stated goal of seeking  flexibility in operating Medicaid and Medicare, but whose real goal is to keep the dreaded Affordable Health Care Act – ObamaCare – out of Texas.

Some Health Care experts and Insurance Industry groups worry that the cuts could add to a shortage of physicians and other providers participating in the program.  They also are concerned that cutting the rates paid to doctors which is currently about 72% of what Medicare pays will prompt providers to raise their prices for patients who have private insurance.  Another concern is that employers and families with private insurance will be forced to pay higher rates.

The payment cuts won’t go into effect immediately since the federal government subsidizes Medicaid the cuts will require federal approval.

Perry states Texans will pay for his security

In our last Post we posed the questions of whether or not The Gov. would require Texas taxpayers to cover the cost of security should he enter the Presidential race.   We also posed the question as to whether or not he would resign as the governorship to run.  Well yesterday The Gov signed the Medicaid Reduction Bill or as the Right calls it the Bill to Save Medicaid.  Invited to the signing were several TeaBagger Reps and Senators for the photo op.  After the signing The Gov was asked our first question and he replied he most certainly would require us residents of Texas to pay for his security during a national campaign.  His rational is that him running for President is actually him promoting Texas. WTF?

The Gov. said that he would be promoting Texas. That he would be traveling internationally and to places where the Texas story needs to be told.  What a crock.  He is running for President not the Tourist Bureau of Texas spokesman.  Back in 1999 when GW Bush ran for President and was still Governor, the security tab hit the Two Million Dollar mark, none of which was returned to Texas from his Presidential campaign.

It is our feeling that anytime a Governor runs for national office his campaign should be covering the bills not the Texas taxpayers,   especially in this deficit plagued economic climate when so many programs are being cut.   But this will probably not change as Right Wing TeaBagger philosophy is to dismantle all social programs so that the money can be given to the wealthy.

Perry was also asked if he decided to run for the presidency would he resign the Governorship.  The Gov’s reply was “I’m not dealing with the question.”  So in other words he is saying no I’m gonna keep the paycheck and a fall back job in the case I don’t win.

No go for Texas’ Anti TSA Bill for now

The TSA bill which would ban invasive pat-downs by TSA agents officials failed to get final approval by the Republican Texas legislature before lawmakers ended their special session on Wednesday.

Republican Representative David Simpson said on the House floor that this was s not his last effort to stop unreasonable searches and that he is not giving up on passage of the bill.”

Unless The Gov calls a Special Session, which he in the middle of getting a presidential run together most probably will do, the bill will have to wait for the legislature to meet in their next scheduled meeting in roughly a year and a half from now as they only are scheduled to meet every two years.

Wanna bet they wait that long?

Texas considers allowing Confederate flag on state license plates

KHOU TV Channel 12 in Houston is reportingthat

Texas is considering a specialty license plate that would feature the Confederate flag. The idea is to honor Texans who fought in the Civil War, but some people say they are offended by the idea.

“It brings back the anger from which it stands for — the Civil War — and I don’t think it should be allowed, said Donald Dunaway.

But Russel Evans, another driver, disagreed.

“Everybody wants to say something is wrong with one thing after another. I mean where do you draw the line? he asked.

The idea was rejected by the state legislature a few years ago due to the issue of being offensive and bringing back up the memory of the Civil War, or The War of Northern Aggression as we in the South know it. Few other states are pushing the idea as well.  The Sons of Confederate Veterans in Florida say the South will rise again thru the visibility of the baseball sized flags on license plates.

It may be offensive to some, but so are some of the crap we have to look at on some other license plates. Although we neither endorse or reject the issue, it would be interesting to see what kind of support and how many motorists would use the plates, especially in this climate of a $27 billion state budget deficit.

What do you think?

New life for the Texas’ TSA Anti-Groping Bill?

Reformed Baptist, Teabagger Representative David Simpson (R) – Longview, sees new life in his crusade against the Fascists in Washington.  Simpson is firm in his stance that the State has the right to disavow federal laws it disagrees with.  His bill HB 1937 which wold enforce legal proceedings against TSA agents who touched peoples private parts was shut down last week when the feds implied they would not allow any flights originating in Texas to come into the rest of the good ol’ USofA if the law was enacted.

At that time, Teabagger favorite, State Senator Dan Patrick (R) caved in and withdrew his bill saying that he would not cave in to heavy handed threats by the federal government. This led to shock jock Alex Jones to claim Lt. Governor Dewhurst killed the bill and a call for the villagers to grab their pitchforks and head to the Capitol.

Well now after a weekend in Hell, Dewhurst has written a letter to The Gov requesting him to call a Special Session and reconsider the bill. Simpson says that his legislation only requires the Fascist TSA agents to do their duty upholding the Fourth Amendment language pertaining to search and seizure in the Constitution.  He claims that the federal government wants to deprive the citizens of Texas of their constitutional rights under the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution and Article 1, Section 9 of the Texas Constitution.  In an letter to Texas Legislators he uses the Teabagger adage of “If we do not stand for our citizens in the face of this deprivation of their personal rights and dignity, who will?”

Should be interesting to see if “The Gov.” wants a conflict with the Federal Government just as he prepares to throw his hat in the ring and announce that he wants to be the President, in charge of those same Feds.  Get the popcorn and stay tuned.

Governor Perry Vetoes Tax Collection Bill.

Our Texas Elitist Teabagger Legislators came up with a big surprise surprise surprise.  Now, knowing the penchant of the TeaBaggers for letting the Rich and Corporations discard any social responsibility, it came across to me as quite a shock when the passed a bill and actually sent it to our beloved leader “The Gov” Rick Perry.  The bill (HB 2403) introduced by Rep. Harvey Hilderbran, R – Kerville, is a bill to raise taxes.  OK not necessarily raise taxes but to collect them from businesses that do service in Texas over the intertubes.

State comptroller Susan Combs said that Amazon alone owed the state $269 million in sales taxes it failed to collect from 2005 to 2009.

Ms Combs might start updating her resume as she has committed a cardinal sin against the Elitist Teabaggers.  I’m wondering how long before the villagers will be inundated with insulting propaganda against her by the right wing noise machine.   Her sin, she made the declaration that Amazon and other online retailers collect sales taxes just like brick and mortar retailers in Texas do, the Teabagger Company told her that they would just quit doing business in Texas.   The CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos claimed that collecting sales taxes from his company would be unconstitutional, a favorite line of the Corporatist Teabaggers.

So what position does The Gov take?  He unceremoniously vetoes it.  No surprise there.

Now I’m not a fan of taxes either, but it does seem that this was a reasonable attempt to shore up a little of the shortfall of the $18.3 billion defcit in the State’s budget for the next two years.  So instead of the Corporatists paying a little more The Gov. has forced the State to lay of some 6,000 employees, teachers, firefighters, maintenance workers, etc., and cut services to the Women and Children services.

Sighhh,  for a group of people who relish the 50’s lifestyle, they sure have forgotten the tenet of Civic Responsibility that was so prevalent in that era.

Texas’ TSA Anti-Groping Bill shot down

A couple of weeks ago I posted an article that the Texas House had passed an TSA Anti-Groping Bill H.B. No. 1937.  But this week Washington brought the Republicans in the Senate to their knees by threatening to ground all flights out of Texas.

Teabagger favorite, State Senator Dan Patrick (R) caved in and withdrew his bill saying that he would not cave in to heavy handed threats by the federal government.  Shortly thereafter the pitchfork crowd was going crazy.  Alex Jones called for citizens, tourists to go to the Capitol and let their Senators know they were against them cowing down to the Feds.  He asked Semi-Truck Drivers and Dump Truck Drivers to circle the Capitol building while blowing their horns.  Ok so far so good.  Rational ways to protest decisions you disagree with in a democracy.

But no that was not good enough.  Jones went on to claim that  Lt. Governor David Dewhurst (R) killed the bill becausr he is  an establishment insider. Jones also claims that Dewhurst played the role of Judas to protect the agenda of the Obama administration and ignore the will of the people of Texas.  Much is now being made that Dewhurst was a CIA agent in Bolivia in the early 70’s when the US allegedly helped overthrow the elected government and help install a General with ties to Nazi fugitive Klaus Barbie.  He was even asked recently by a reporter it he enjoyed having a drink with the Butcher of Lyon. So now on all Teabaggers are awash in their hatred for the Traitor Dewhurst.  There were even calls for him to be tried for Treason.  The issue has blown into another reason for the State to secede and get rid of the Nazi Socialist Obama controlled federal government.

This is typical knee jerk reactions the Teabaggers are well known for.  The Elitist Teabagger Puppet Masters don’t like Dewhurst and are using this issue to get the pitchfork crowd all fired up against him.  It is well known that if The Gov. heads off to pursue his aspiration of being the President of the country he thinks is evil, that Dewhurst wants to become Governor.  That scenario is unacceptable to those behind the curtain directing the Teabaggers.

Instead of looking for a compromise to end what truly needs correcting the Teabaggers dig in, grab their pitchforks and spout Anti-American rhetoric.

And to think I thought that Texas had finally found a problem, showed some common sense and found a way to correct it.  But sadly not this time.  Sighhhh.

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) ain’t giving Governor Perry federal money to combat the wildfires

The Gov. has been harping constantly that FEMA won’t give Texas aid when two and a half million acres of the State is been on fire. Unreported in most Texas news coverage is the reason why. The Elitist Teabaggers in their continuing efforts to run the State into the ground cut $34 million or 1/3 of the budget of the Texas Forest Service. This agency provides assistance grants to the volunteer fire departments which make up approximately 80 percent of the State’s firefighers. Most of these volunteer departments operate on a shoestring budget on old and worn down equipment. The Gov. likes to brag that his State’s disaster preparedness is a model the country should look at and learn from.

In their usual mode of being tough of gutting social programs while appeasing the villagers they say this is just cutting waste and will be made up by donations. Then they ease an appeal up to Washington, the evil overlord, to get emergency funds. But FEMA unexplicably turns them down, ooops. What The Gov. and the Elitist Teabaggers are telling the sheep is that Obama and the evil feds are wagin war on Texas. They claim all they are asking for is direct aid for families, individuals and communities that suffered wildfire losses. Whoa, not so fast. Not true. What Gov. and the Elitist Teabaggers asked for is funds to pay for fighting the fires. What the Gov. and the Elitist Teabaggers fail to realize is that the federal government is already doing this. FEMA, has been working hand in hand with the state supporting the firefighting efforts and have already covered 25 fire management assistance grants to pay for the expenses to fight the wildfires.

What The Gov. and his Elitist Teageers thought they would do is get over on the feds by requesting FEMA declare that 252 of Texas’s 254 counties should be declared a disaster area because of wildfires. What???

And when FEMA, rightly, turns them down they claim Obama is pursuing a political vendetta against Texas. Perry even went so far as to claim at a fundraiser that Obama was ignoring Texas repeating the line that the request didn’t get lost in the mail. He went on that Obama was taking care of other states while punishing Texas Perry later refused to meet with President Obama when the President came to inspect the situation.

Texas shouldn’t fell left out. Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Virginia), when asked about aid to the Tornando victims in Joplin Missouri, said that if the Federal Government was going send aid it would have to be cut out of other programs.

While many of the citizens of this Great State are indeed suffering, they are guilty of not looking at what is really going on. They are happy to be lied to and believe that the Trabagger Elitists have their best interests in mind when in fact they only care about giving everything of value to the billionaires and corporations. The folks of Texas need to open their eyes before it is too late. Perry just got his Eminent Domain Law passed and has signed it, so your property may be his next “public use” need to help the rich and corporations complete their takeover.

Texas House of Representatives passes a bill that will criminalize TSA pat downs

Well I would say Hell might just have frozen over because the our Elitist Representatives passed a bill that I actually agree with. The Bill, authored by Representative David Simpson (R) Longview ( H.B. No. 1937), states in Section 3

as part of a search performed to grant access to a publicly accessible building or form of transportation, intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly:

  • (A)  searches another person without probable cause to believe the person committed an offense; and


  • (B) touches the anus, sexual organ, or breasts of  the other person, including touching through clothing, or touches the other person in a manner that would be offensive to a reasonable person.


Representative Simpson issued a press release in which he states “I am grateful to report that my bill to stop the TSA from groping travelers without probable cause was passed unanimously by the House last week on second and third reading.  94 other Representatives supported the bill as coauthors.  It is now in the Senate where Senator Dan Patrick is sponsoring the bill.”

The  bill came about after an incident earlier this year in which Miss America 2003, Susie Castillo posted a youtube video in which she is visibly upset just after what she describes as having been violated by a TSA agent at DFW Airport.  The youtube video has recorded over 1,117,000 views.  In the video  Miss Catillo recounts her encounter with the TSA agents and supervisors. further explores the issue and has comments from others who have experienced similar incidents. She has also started Susie’s TSA Petition to Congress.  She writes “I’m gathering as many of your TSA stories as I possibly can, and will be partnering with grassroots organizations in DC that are working tirelessly to change the TSA’s unacceptable screening techniques in an effort to restore our 4th amendment rights.”  She also asks you to file an official complaint with the TSA on their website.

Miss Castillo’s website

Miss Castillo also is an advocate against the TSA Body Scanners and gives a compelling argument on the safety issue of the devices.

Yea, more NASCAR Racing in Texas, Oh, wait its only Formula One Racing

Just heard that I was going to be able to see the good ol’ boys another time each year by hopping over to Austin.  Then after doing a little reading I find out it’s only Formula One.  Formula what?  These guys quit racing in the US years ago as the sport was hemorrhaging money like the Mississippi waters are doing to the poor folks in Tennessee and Mississippi.

Oh, but then it just gets even better.  Our Elitist Teabaggers in Austin are giving away $25,000,000 of our tax dollars, yes you read right, twenty five million dollars of our tax dollars as seed money to bring a race to Austin.  Twenty five million dollars a year that could be used to keep some of the 97,ooo or so school teachers on the job teaching our children.

Interesting to find out that Billionaire B.J. Red McCombs, the co-founder of Clear Channel Communications and one of Forbes 400 richest Americans is the one behind the effort.  McCombs is a conservative backer of many right wing causes and as we know the welfare of the working class people is not a right wing concern.  Formula One has the reputation of being a sport of the rich and famous.

Although the sport enjoys the  adoration of the rich in Europe and elsewhere in the former european and Spanish colonies it has fallen out of grace to it’s American fan base.  Wasn’t that long ago that anything French or European was an anthema to U.S. values.  Now however, the top one percent have taken full control of the economy and government of Texas and have  convinced their Teabagger base to forget all that and that the policies that take from them to help billionaires is good.  They forget to tell their clueless Teabagger base taht most all of them will not even be able afford to sit in the stands.

Anyways to get back on track, McCombs has convinced the Perry Administration to take the money in a fund that had originally been set up to draw conventions and collegiate sporting events to Austin and use it to subsidize their Rich Man’s Sport.  With no assurance that this arrangement will be of any benefit to the city, the Teabaggers figured out that by using the fund they don’t have to bring it before the legislature to be publicized and voted on.  Sounds like business as usual for the Elitist Teabaggers.