Cutting Medicaid, The Texas way to stop “ObamaCare”

Yesterday The Gov. along with several of the his Elitist TeaBagger supporters in the Texas Legislature slapped backs and smiled for the camera after the singing by The Gov. on the latest assault on the poor in Texas.  SB7 seeks to save $468 million Medicaid dollars over the next two years by expanding managed care, requiring co-payments and lowering of the earning eligibility to qualify for the program.   The Bill allows Texas to enter into health care compact with other states the stated goal of seeking  flexibility in operating Medicaid and Medicare, but whose real goal is to keep the dreaded Affordable Health Care Act – ObamaCare – out of Texas.

Some Health Care experts and Insurance Industry groups worry that the cuts could add to a shortage of physicians and other providers participating in the program.  They also are concerned that cutting the rates paid to doctors which is currently about 72% of what Medicare pays will prompt providers to raise their prices for patients who have private insurance.  Another concern is that employers and families with private insurance will be forced to pay higher rates.

The payment cuts won’t go into effect immediately since the federal government subsidizes Medicaid the cuts will require federal approval.

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  1. Typical Texas politics. Serve the masters and let the workers toil until they die. I hate to think of the possibility Perry making it as a President or VP but think Texas would be better off without him.

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