Perry states Texans will pay for his security

In our last Post we posed the questions of whether or not The Gov. would require Texas taxpayers to cover the cost of security should he enter the Presidential race.   We also posed the question as to whether or not he would resign as the governorship to run.  Well yesterday The Gov signed the Medicaid Reduction Bill or as the Right calls it the Bill to Save Medicaid.  Invited to the signing were several TeaBagger Reps and Senators for the photo op.  After the signing The Gov was asked our first question and he replied he most certainly would require us residents of Texas to pay for his security during a national campaign.  His rational is that him running for President is actually him promoting Texas. WTF?

The Gov. said that he would be promoting Texas. That he would be traveling internationally and to places where the Texas story needs to be told.  What a crock.  He is running for President not the Tourist Bureau of Texas spokesman.  Back in 1999 when GW Bush ran for President and was still Governor, the security tab hit the Two Million Dollar mark, none of which was returned to Texas from his Presidential campaign.

It is our feeling that anytime a Governor runs for national office his campaign should be covering the bills not the Texas taxpayers,   especially in this deficit plagued economic climate when so many programs are being cut.   But this will probably not change as Right Wing TeaBagger philosophy is to dismantle all social programs so that the money can be given to the wealthy.

Perry was also asked if he decided to run for the presidency would he resign the Governorship.  The Gov’s reply was “I’m not dealing with the question.”  So in other words he is saying no I’m gonna keep the paycheck and a fall back job in the case I don’t win.

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