Governor Perry “Called” to run for Presidency

Over the weekend, while not attending church services, The Gov. received a calling from the almighty to run for the presidency of the very Government he abhors.  Is God really mad at the Republicans?  Is he pitting brother against brother or in this case brother against sister?  Has he called Michelle and The Gov. for his entertainment or something else.  Remember in Matthew he says  “Do not think that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I have not come to bring peace, but a sword.  For I have come to set a man against his father, and a daughter against her mother”. Ergo Brother against Sister?  Michelle vs. Perry?  Should be interesting to see who the almighty loves more.

But enough of his opponent.  The Gov. promises to be an exciting candidate to watch on the campaign trail.  Having never lost an election in Texas, can The Gov. translate this extraordinary accomplishment to the national stage?  The Gov. will have numerous things to explain to a national audience as he transitions away from his base of Evangelical Christian and TeaBagger support in Red State Texas.

Will he continue to draw a paycheck from Texas while he is not working for us but away campaigning?  Will he use Texas resources such as DPS security that we pay for while in other states campaiging?

Can he let us know what changed him from a Democrat managing the Texas campaign of Al Gore’s first Presidential run?  Will he enlighten us to how he feels his record low Texas poll numbers will cross over to the national stage?

Will he let us all know why he says in book “Fed Up: Our Fight to Save America From Washington,” that he’s too conservative to run for national office. And will he answer the question why he says “The best concrete evidence that I’m really not running for president is this book” as he  told The AP after he was last re-elected as The Gov.

Will he explain to us how he will unite America after he promoted the idea of state’s rights and railed against the federal government, even floating the idea of Texas seceding from the very United States he wishes to lead.

Yes my friends, this should be interesting to follow.  Makes one wonder if the loser of this round will blame God for failing them or will they come out and say God must have favored the other more, or will they both just go away?

Probably not ….

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  1. You forgot to ask about Governor Perry’s Prayer Day Gathering Organizers who have been labeled a hate group. One said something to the effect that the Statue of Liberty, a beacon of freedom, is satanic. Is he going to denounce these weirdos.

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