Texas Passes Emergency Anti-Abortion Bill Requiring a Sonogram 24 Hours Before an Abortion

The Texas Grand Old Partiers campaigned on jobs, jobs and more jobs as their main priority to save Texas’ sagging economy.  Prior to the elections the TeaBaggers were in all their glory in Austin with The Beckster, Ted Nugent and Gov. Perry repeating over and over how government should stay of our lives, get out […]

Texas now needs FEMA

Strong winds and dry conditions made for difficult conditions for Texas battling wildfires in communities across Texas.  Austin was not immune and had a fire that destroyed several homes and required water drops from aircraft to battle it.   The wildfires have spread across more than 700,000 acres in drought-stricken Texas. More than a half dozen […]

Republicans to tap rainy day fund.

Governor Perry, who in September proclaimed that Texas was better off than any State in the Union, backed off his pledge to use the rainy day fund, under pressure from Republican Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst and Republican Speaker Joe Strauss.  Secessionist minded Governor Perry, has pledged to keep Texas the most business friendly state by […]

On Why I joined the Texas Nationalist Movement

I read an interesting article today on the Texas Nationalist Website from a gentleman who recently moved after 15 years in Michigan to Texas.  The gentleman laid out his history and pretty concise, if not misquided, reasons for joining the Texas Nationalist Movement. The reasoning that struck me was the oft repeated Glen Beck/Tea Bagger […]

Texas Secessionists Rally in Austin

The so called Texas Patriots Secessionists just held a rally at the Capitol in Austin to celebrate Texas Independence Day. The group rallied on the steps of the Capitol amid their usual verbiage, signs and historical Texas flags. These Nationalist Texans claim they want to save the state by seceding from the United States. The […]

Texas Nationalist Movement

The Texas Nationalist Movement leader Daniel Miller went to Austin recently to address the state Senate Health Sub-Committee on the implications of the recently-passed health-care “reform” legislation.  Mr Miller reports that our legislators “…were discussing electronic medical data exchange and increasing the accessibility to health care, seemingly oblivious to the outrage that most Texans are […]

My Ex Hero advocates Desecration of my flag

A sad day inded.  Chuck Norris, Karate Super Star.  The ultimate good guy.  The crime busting Texas Ranger.  The Flag Desecrator? Chuck recently wrote an article for WorldNetDaily in which he writes that the Tea Partiers find historical flags from the Revolutionary time period and fly them in front of their homes as a symbol […]