Texas Secessionists Rally in Austin

The so called Texas Patriots Secessionists just held a rally at the Capitol in Austin to celebrate Texas Independence Day. The group rallied on the steps of the Capitol amid their usual verbiage, signs and historical Texas flags. These Nationalist Texans claim they want to save the state by seceding from the United States. The outrage the group expressed was almost identical to that of the Tea Parties. The speakers expressed their perceived disgust for the growing national debt and the federal government’s treatment of Texas.

The continual mantra that Texas knows how and can take better care of itself than Washington was spoken of by Lauren Savage the vice president of the Texas nationalist Movement. Savage went on to say that they are here to raise interest in the legislature of the possibility of secession to cure the ills of America.

“This is a cake that’s been baking for 85 years,” said Cary Wise, membership director of the Texas Nationalist Movement. “All this administration has done is light the candles.”

The secessionists say they are fed up with federal mandates, the burden of unsustainable taxes and disregarded votes. They claim that secession has been a long time coming and are demanding that state lawmakers introduce a bill that would allow Texans to vote on whether to declare independence.

The Secessionists are none too pleased with their Secessionist Governor Perry and claim he is a fraud and like the other leaders who claim they conservative but once in office become the same as those in Washington, nothing but big government proponents. Perry was even called out to debate the group, but as usual he was not at the the Capitol.

One unique demonstration was used by Gerry Donaldson, host of Our Constitution: Foundation and Principles Radio Show. Claiming that taxes are weighing down Texans and are ultimately unsustainable. A fellow secessionist held a bucket which Donaldson placed bricks in to demonstrate the burden dozens of taxes place on Texans throughout their lives. Just like the Tea Partiers in Washington, Donaldson says he is getting a committee together that will review every bill proposed by state lawmakers and determine if it is constitutional.

It is noted that none of the Tea Partying Republicans and tenthers who continuously harp on the illegality of what the federal government is laying waste to Texas on were among the speakers. Was this group too far out on the fringe for even them? Funny too as was stated in an earlier post, not long ago Texas could not even take care of itself by providing enough electricity to it’s peoples during a recent winter storm. But what is not funny is if the secessionists had their way you would using wood for heat and paying gold for it if you are fortunate enough.

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