Are You Part Of The Freeloading 47% of The Country

What has bothered me most with the Tea Bagger secessionist movement is that they follow the slogans and repeated over and over propaganda.  The vote for measures that were intended to negatively affect them.  They then brag and post on blogs and social media on how they are fighting for their freedom.  These folks are so ate up with their propagandized patriotism that they can never admit they are being used.  Back in the 70’s and early eighties the Republicans realized that they could use religion as a wedge and started the war against religion movement to bring the evangelicals to arms. Never mind that there was no war ongoing, but they were successful in convincing the masses in the south that there was one.

In the 2010 elections the Republicans again convinced this same demographic that they needed to fight the masses who were sponges, freeloading off the worker bees.  The masses showed up as good puppets should with teabags hanging form their hats, spouting racist and anti-government rhetoric cleverly veiled by the puppet masters at
Freedom Works to sound as the workers being taken advantage of by freeloading democrats who were looking for handouts in the form of “entitlements”.   Once again they did not see that they were the ones that in most cases they were railing against.  How many senior citizens did we see with their teabags and anti Obama signs, shouting about the injustice of entitlements and the need to eliminate them.  The entitlements they were protesting to end were medicare and social security, but they were too brainwashed to see it.

As it was comes around this tradition continues.  Mitt Romney’s in a speech to wealthy donors at a $50,000 per plate luncheon dismissed 47% of the American with the statement “There are 47 percent of the people who will vote for the president no matter what”.   All right, there are 47 percent who are with him,  who are dependent upon government,
who believe that they are victims, who believe the government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you-name-it. That that’s an entitlement and the government should give it to them, and they will vote for this president no matter what.  These are people who pay no income tax.

So Romney is saying 47% of the population is hopelessly dependent on government, unwilling to take responsibility and will vote for anyone who will give it to them.  This is not only a naive view of almost half of the Americans in this great country it also denigrates the groups Romney is courting to win this election.  Romney is saying that he doesn’t care about this other 47%.  This group is the group protesting on his behalf against their own concerns. Just about all senior citizens, many who vote Republican fall in this group.  Half of all these senior citizens don’t pay taxes  as their income is so low.  Veterans just done fighting in Afghanistan, who are trying to transition from military back to civilian life and getting veterans benefits fall in this group.

Isn’t it troubling that a person running to be the president of the United States writes off half the country. Worse yet when asked to clarify if this is truly his view, Romney just says that it was off the cuff and nor elegantly stated.  He does not repute them, only says he wish he had said it better….

Texas Photo ID Law Struck Down

A U.S. court ruled against a Texas law requiring photo ID to vote.  Texas, with it’s history of discriminatory voting laws against minorities is required under Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 to pre-clear any major changes in voting procedures.

The law that would have required Texans to present a photo ID at the polls before being allowed to vote.  the court ruled the new law would disenfranchise African American and Latino voters. The court further stated that the ruling was not a ruling against jurisdictions from implementing photo ID laws but that Texas failed to demonstrate that its particular voter ID law lacks retrogressive effect.

Court Strikes down Texas Redistricting plan

The U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia issued a ruling on Tuesday that Texas redistricting maps are discriminatory to minority voters. The court ruled that the new redistricting map which was passed by the Republican-dominated Texas legislature redrew districts in a way that reduced the influence of minority voters.  Not only did the court reject the maps, they also ruled hat the Texas legislature had a discriminatory intent in its drawing of the maps.  November’s election will likely use maps drawn by a federal court in San Antonio.

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott says that he would appeal the decision to the U.S. Supreme Court calling the ruling an extension of the Voting Rights Act beyond what Congress had intended.

The Teabagger Legislature won’t have much of a leg to stand on when they go after the activist court because the three-judge panel consisted of President George W. Bush appointees, Judges Thomas Griffith and Rosemary M. Collyer and Judge Beryl A. Howell who was appointed by President Obama.

Govenor Perry Has Another Memory Lapse

The Gov, in full campaign mode, surrounded by a phalanx of taxpayer security guards, has pandered non-stop to the social conservatives in Iowa.  He repeatedly rails against gay rights, same-sex marriage and a return to Don’t Ask, Don’t tell. Problem is, is that the Gov doesn’t seem to recall judicial facts, like when he forgot how many Supreme Court justices there are.

At a town hall campaign stop in Cedar Rapids, Iowa yesterday, The Gov forgot the content of the case he has vehemently opposed since 2002.  You gotta give him credit for the fact that he has never wavered on his opinion of Lawrence v. Texas.  This case which went to the Supreme Court in 2003 was  the landmark ruling that struck down Texas’s anti-sodomy statute and legalized sodomy across the country.

Now  though, with all the talking points he is supposed to be able to spout off, it appears he has forgot what has been one of his consistent planks.  Just yesterday an audience member asked The Gov about case, The Gov locked up, repeated the question and the name of the case and stammered “We have a federal government that is out of control from the standpoint of spending and I wish I could tell you I knew every Supreme Court case, I’m not a lawyer but here’s what I do know, I know they’re spending too much money in Washington, D.C.”

I swear, that answer sounds  as dumb as a sack of rocks.  More likely an answer Bachmann would spout off, but then again birds of a feather……

Perry Spending $400,000 a Month on Security

The Gov is the only Republican candidate for President with Security Guards financed by taxpayers.  The security putss the tax payers of Texas on the hook to the tune of $400,000 a month.  The Texas Department of Public Safety records show they spent more over $1.4 million on out-of-state trips between September to mid-December of 2011 on The Gov’s security detail.

The Gov who repeatedly said that government spending is put pf control and taxpayers shouldn’t be footing the bill for politicians careless ways flippantly has said “I’m going to be promoting Texas, I’m going to be traveling to places where the Texas story needs to be told, and we will tell it.”

This appears to be a gross miscarriage of the public trust.  It appears The Gov does not like to practice what the preaches.  As we reported earlier, The Gov has retired while serving as Governor of Texas so that he can double dip the state to a tune of almost double his salary.  Now he says he is spreading he message of Texas as he campaigns in places like  Iowa and South Carolina.   This appears to be nothing more than a ruse to put the citizens of Texas on the hook to pay for his national ambitions.

Not that anything can or will be done in the Right Wing controlled legislature of Texas, it just seems to be patently wrong.

Politifact Gives Perry Denial A Pants On Fire Rating

During the Fox News Debate on December 15th, The Gov was asked by moderator Neil Cavuto of Fox News

“as Texas agriculture commissioner, you oversaw a loan guarantee program that, as the Austin American-Statesman reported at the time, had so many defaults that the state had to stop guaranteeing bank loans to start-ups in the agribusiness, and eventually bailed out the program with the taxpayer money, so aren’t you guilty of the same behavior you rail against as a presidential candidate?”

The Gov replied: “Number one, don’t believe everything you read in the Austin American-Statesman. And the second side of it is, we had that program put in place, and the state did not bail out,  those programs worked as they were supposed to work.  Just like in any bank or any business, you are going to have some that fail.”

Read Politifact’s reasons for their “Pants on Fire” rating.

President Perry and Secretary of Defense Herman Cain?

Just when you think the last WTF moment couldn’t be outdone, The Gov astounds us even more.  Over the weekend The Gov, proved us wrong.  As we have heard at the end of last week, in the now famous Barbara Walters “What!” interview. Mr. Cain said he would like to be Secretary of Defense. Yeah, Really!

The Gov was asked whether he would offer Mr. Beke Beke Beke Stan Stan a cabinet position.  To our amazement, The Gov responded “He has all the characteristics of the type of person I would bring forward.”

Dear God, please tell me The Gov isn’t that dumb.  We know he never claims to be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but Cain, a Cabinet Secretary, maybe even over our Defense Department.  Hopefully we will never have to find out.

Perry has Retired?

This really falls into the WTF category.  The Gov has continuously harped on the campaign trail about the evils of government entitlement programs. He has called the collecting of taxes to fund retirement progrms unconstitutional.  Just last November he said “Why is the government collecting your tax money for retirement and health care programs?  That’s not a stated constitutional role.”

So, now we learn that just 2 months after this famous quote, The Gov. officially retired. Huh?  Isn’t he still parading around the country as Texas Governor?

The Gov takes in a healthy $150,000 salary. Now he is collecting another $7,698 a month, yes a month in retirement pay.  The Gov. kept this hush hush for almost a year, but thanks to Federal Election Commission disclosure forms it has come out in the daylight. his campaign has been trying to delay the reporting but were unable to stall past Thursday.  We understand now why they were so aggressive in the stalling tactics.

Even in Right Wing Land or Iowa, some folks don;t quite see the logic of this. On a campaign stop in Cherokee, Iowa, Perry was asked why the Employee Retirement System should be paying his retirement while he’s still collecting a salary.  The Gov stammered  “That’s been in place for decades. … I don’t find that to be out of the ordinary…. I think you would be rather foolish to not access what you’ve earned.”

The Gov’s campaign mouthpiece, Ray Sullivan, said the governor’s early collection of his pension benefits is “consistent with Texas state law.”

Whats more is that The Gov. will get credit for subsequent years he continues to be The Gov., even if he isn’t actually governing, but out smoozing and campaigning for higher office.

It get’s better, The Gov is allowed to retire in two different systems — the “employee class” from which he is retired and taking benefits from now, and the “elected class” system he will take retirement from when he finally leaves office.  Plus, The Gov. will also is eligible for Social Security benefits and lifetime, state-provided health care.

Not bad for a guy who has called for sweeping changes to the Social Security us peons are eligible for and is up in arms against “special perks” members of Congress get.

I’m willing to bet that the Right Wingers and the Teabaggers will see no hypocrisy in this at all.

Perry tells Federal Workers My Way or the Highway

During yesterday’s speech in New Hampshire at Saint Anselm College, The Gov said something akin to dictatorship,  much like we have now here in Texas.

The Gov said “Having agencies of government that are there, are going to have individuals that are — understand my core philosophy, that government should do a few things.”  He continued “Having men and women who share my philosophy, and then giving that clear instruction to those agencies.   I don’t think you can fire federal bureaucrats, but you can reassign them — so reassign them to some really God-awful place.”

So what we are hearing is that one can no longer think for oneself.  You must blindly follow orders from above regardless of whether they are constitutionally legal or not.

It never ceases to amaze how Right Wingers and Teabaggers who claim they want to get the country back to following the Constitution are the ones who would really lead us into a Dictatorship which has no regard for the Constitution and Bill of Rights.


Perry doesn’t know voting age or election date

While giving a speech at Saint Anselm College today, The Gov told the audience that when elected he will pass a constitutional amendment to make Congress part time. The Gov then asked “Those of you that will be 21 by November the 12th, I ask for your support and your vote.”  He then followed with “those of you who won’t be just work hard.”

Oops, appears as if  The Gov needs to actually read up on the voting laws and work on getting the vote of the 18 year olds too, since the voting age in America is 18.

Even better though is that The Gov told them the Election Day was November the 12th.  Poetic Justice I guess.  Those Right Wing Teabaggers that are dumb enough to listen to him will miss the actual Election Day of November 6th and not get to vote anyway.