Perry has Retired?

This really falls into the WTF category.  The Gov has continuously harped on the campaign trail about the evils of government entitlement programs. He has called the collecting of taxes to fund retirement progrms unconstitutional.  Just last November he said “Why is the government collecting your tax money for retirement and health care programs?  That’s not a stated constitutional role.”

So, now we learn that just 2 months after this famous quote, The Gov. officially retired. Huh?  Isn’t he still parading around the country as Texas Governor?

The Gov takes in a healthy $150,000 salary. Now he is collecting another $7,698 a month, yes a month in retirement pay.  The Gov. kept this hush hush for almost a year, but thanks to Federal Election Commission disclosure forms it has come out in the daylight. his campaign has been trying to delay the reporting but were unable to stall past Thursday.  We understand now why they were so aggressive in the stalling tactics.

Even in Right Wing Land or Iowa, some folks don;t quite see the logic of this. On a campaign stop in Cherokee, Iowa, Perry was asked why the Employee Retirement System should be paying his retirement while he’s still collecting a salary.  The Gov stammered  “That’s been in place for decades. … I don’t find that to be out of the ordinary…. I think you would be rather foolish to not access what you’ve earned.”

The Gov’s campaign mouthpiece, Ray Sullivan, said the governor’s early collection of his pension benefits is “consistent with Texas state law.”

Whats more is that The Gov. will get credit for subsequent years he continues to be The Gov., even if he isn’t actually governing, but out smoozing and campaigning for higher office.

It get’s better, The Gov is allowed to retire in two different systems — the “employee class” from which he is retired and taking benefits from now, and the “elected class” system he will take retirement from when he finally leaves office.  Plus, The Gov. will also is eligible for Social Security benefits and lifetime, state-provided health care.

Not bad for a guy who has called for sweeping changes to the Social Security us peons are eligible for and is up in arms against “special perks” members of Congress get.

I’m willing to bet that the Right Wingers and the Teabaggers will see no hypocrisy in this at all.

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