Perry is wishing he hadn’t written his “Fed Up” Manefesto.

Just goes to show you how brilliant The Gov is. Nine months ago he was strutting around, proud as a peacock, signing autographs, having the time of his life while promoting his manifesto “Fed Up” across the land to admiring Teabaggers. Just last Friday The Gov. was campaigning, railing against the very US government he wants to run while citing his manifesto “Fed Up” saying “I don’t think the federal government has a role in your children’s education.” This weekend in Iowa some adoring tenther lobbed him this softball, “How would you fix the country’s rickety entitlement programs.” The Gov quickly replied “Have you read my book “Fed Up!”? Get a copy and read it.”

Ahhhh, but then the Sunday talking heads start spewing their nonsense and lo and behold most are aghast, aghast i say, to the positions The Gov takes on dismantling the United States. So as any good Republican when nailed on their true position does, The Gov trots out his mouthpiece who says, well he was just reflecting on the past and not the future. WTF??? The Gov. has long argued and spells out in detail in his manifesto that he thinks the federal government shouldn’t be able to tell him a 12 year old can’t work for $1.50 an hour for 50 hours a week. He has railed for years that Social Security and Medicare violate the Constitution. But now he starts a Texas Two Step Shuffle and has his mouthpiece come out and say “The governor wants to see the benefits for existing retirees and those close to Social Security be strongly protected. Beyond that, “he believes a full review and discussion of entitlement reforms need to be had, aimed at seeing that programs like Social Security and Medicare are fiscally responsible and sound.” Can’t anger the Old Folks now can we?

The best insight of his manifesto in my book though is his twisted position that the War of Northern Aggression/Civil War was the result of slaveholder activism in the 1850s. This he says was an example of big government federal overreach. He claims that Fugitive Slave Act completely ignored the human rights of the enslaved African-Americans of the south, but worse it violated the sovereignty of the Northern States. So in other words, slavery may be bad but violating another states sovereignty is worse? He writes “we can never know what would have happened in the absence of federal involvement.” Ah Ha, Peace and no war with just a slight cost, continued slavery.

Make one wonder what his next Texas Two Step waffle on his past positions will be.

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  1. Well it may have been considered bad to have slavery continue but Govenor Perry is right. The federal government should not have a say in what states can or can’t do. All the federal government is here for is to protect the citizens from foriegn enemys. President Perry will be like our last great Texas President Bush. If Obummer would have been President in Sept 11, Saddam would have sent the Al Qaidia fighters here and thousands or hundred of thousands of Americans would have been slaughtered. But Bush had the foresight to wipe out Irag and take out Hussein. Our Hussein would be over there bowing to their Hussein.

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