Federal Government Funds behind Texas job Growth?

Fiscal policy expert Jared Bernstein of the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, former chief economist to Vice President Joe Biden. has compiled some Pretty damning numbers from the United States Bureau of Labor, The numbers show that Perry is continuing his penchant for hiding the real state of the economy of Texas. As The Gov did with the State’s Budget, he continues to spew misinformation to the Teabaggers and gullible media on the campaign trail. His claim that his drive to smaller government has created jobs just doesn’t cut it.

Texas has led the nation in government jobs created over the past 4 years. From the period 2007 -2010, Texas was second only to Wyoming in percentage of government jobs created. However since Texas’ population is much larger than Wyoming the pure number is huge.

percentage of texas government jobs
percentage of texas government jobs

Secondly of all the growth of government jobs during that period almost half were in Texas,

percentage of texas government jobs
percentage of texas government jobs

We also see that during this period of the recession, Texas lost 178,000 private sector jobs. But during the same period, Texas added 125,000 public sector(government funded) jobs With this explosive growth of government created jobs the State had only a 53,000 lose of jobs.

Texas job losses
Texas job losses

I wonder when the so called main stream media will start reporting the truths of Texas’ miracle economy and job market.

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  1. Quit whining. You say you’re from Texas, so you should be proud to have another President from OUR GREAT STATE. A job is a job, at least we ain’t on welfare like all the yankees in New York.

  2. Man am I glad I don’t live in Texas anymore. I have relatives still living in southern Texas and if it weren’t for the oil industry they would be in dire straits. But what is sad is their youngsters have only close to minumum wage jobs and no Health Insurance.

  3. I’m not a liberal, but I don’t buy the “brainwashing” of the Perry paraders.

    Let’s look at the real truth. IF Perry is SUCH a conservative, such a favorite of the TeaParty (I totally dislike the disrespectful term used by those who disagree w/the TeaParty used in the article!), WHY is TEXAS the biggest producer of GOVERNMENT jobs?? That’s like the guy we have the WH already!! He uses Fed. stimulus $$ to do it!

    What a phony! And the people backing him!

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