Texas job growth not all Perry leads us to believe.

On the Presidential campaign trail, The Gov. is wowing the Teabagger crowds in Iowas with his purported record as the job creator in chief. The record of jobs in Texas is not quite as great as he would have you believe however. The media never tries to explain the true underlying effects of job growth in Texas.

For many years, Texas has seen it’s population grow much faster than other states. One huge factor is migration of from other states by folks who are attracted to Texas by its warm weather and low cost of living and low housing costs. Another factor is a high birth rate and uh-ohhh, sssshhhhh, immigration from Mexico.

These factors along with basically no business regulations and cities giving the farm away to get businesses to move to their locale has caused employers to be able to offer jobs a very low wages. In fact Texas leads the nation in minimum wage jobs. This has a ripple effect enticing other employers to move to where they can pay this minimal wages.

A recent report notes that only 43.5 percent of Texans have a job, compared to 44.7 percent of the total U.S. population and when Bush left office Texas was art 47%. In my book that’s quite a drop.

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  1. Here’s one “TEABAGGER” that is proud to say GO Perry…A job is a job and so what if they don’t pay 25 dollars an hour. They still pay enough to let you have your cell phone and Cable TV on your new flat screen. Govenor Perry will be a great President. He will get all the lazy no goods off welfare and send all the mexicans back to where they belong.

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