Seccession Realities – Taxation

All of the talk regarding the secession of Texas from the United States of America, with the exception of some out there zealots, assumes that the United States will wave a gracious goodbye and everything will be hunky dory. Yeah Right!

A Fundamental question that must be answered is what the United States of America’s reaction will truly be. There are scenarios upon scenarios that can be delved into. But for the sake of argument, let’s assume that the United States of America gets up and leaves. We would have to assume also that they would take with them all the national assets that are movable. Texas would not try and stop them because as we stated this is a peaceful secession. Texas will most likely resemble Mogadishu in a very short time once the Army of the United States leaves, again assuming they do so. We must look at how we maintain some semblance of law and order as the reason we hear over and over is that the national government has overstepped its bounds and leaving our children’s children burdened with debt that will have to be paid through higher and higher taxation.

The proponents of secession seek to do away with all forms of taxation, or so they lead you to believe. One suggested Constitution the so called “Texas Constitution of 2000” spells out that “You will be able to decide for yourself how to spend your money. All funding of government under Texas Constitution 2000 is voluntary. No more IRS. No more Form 1040. No more sales tax. No more property tax. ” and that “The new government is prohibited from issuing currency or causing currency to be issued. The new government is required to pay its obligations in gold. ” Now call me simple minded but with no currency there can be no government. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have more than a week or so worth of gold to provide sustenance for my family. It is a nice thought that the government will pay me any obligation it owes me in gold, but where does it get all this gold? According to the proposed Texas Constitution, “County Administrative Councils may raise funds by any method that is advertised as, and is in fact, strictly voluntary for all parties”. If I do not want to pay the tax levied on me now why would I volunteer to fund a new government? Since democracy started in the time of the ancient Greeks, there has been some type of taxation. Taxation is not the problem. The problem is the politicians who are entrusted with he wise expenditures of this tax for the safety and benefit of the people of the nation. With no taxation and no true source of income how will the new nation provide for the safety of the citizens of Texas? The Volunteer National Defense Force will guard the border and keep all them Okies from sneaking across the Red River for free? Oh and what about 10 or 12 million Mexicans who now have no I.C.E. to worry about? I’m sure the politicians of the new Republic will no doubt be much better and wiser than the ones we have presently elected and serving for free will look out for our best interests and not theirs.

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  1. sign me up to volunteer to help fund Gov. Perry’s, err I mean President of the Republic of Texas Perry’s salary. Oh but wait, if Gov. Perry truly believes in secession he will surely volunteer all his assets to serve the new Rebublic.

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