Secession Realities – Education

Under the proposed Constitution for the new Republic of Texas the issue of education is interesting. The Constitution provides that you will be able to control what your children learn.

The delegates to the Constitutional Convention decided that “You will be able to control what your children learn. There will be no more government-run public schools which means there will no longer be any need for forced taxation to pay for them. And, since there will no longer be any government rules about what can and can’t be taught, you and your school can decide that. You can even decide to have daily prayers and Koran readings. Or not. You and your school decide. You can home school. If you want. You can form a teaching cooperative. If you want. You can send your children to private school. If you want. You will be in control.”

“Article 2. Section 11. Government shall never operate, own, control, nor fund any means of education not specifically related to performing the functions of government authorized by this constitution.”

It seems that with each article of this proposed constitution we review, the closer we see Texas becoming the next Somalia. Fortunately the constitution forbids the new government from issuing charters. At least they will not be allowed to issue Letters of Marque to Privateers.

It becomes clearer and clearer as we review this utopian dream the writers came up with as an instrument that any logical thinker will find a dangerous demise into the mid 19th Century. How is Texas going to educate the next generation of Doctors, Nurses, Engineers, etc. Not everyone has the ability and with no money most folks will be extremely busy just trying to meet the basic needs for survival.

It may be that the framers of the constitution have no fear of an uneducated populace and don’t think they will ever need a Doctor of Lawyer for the added “Section 7. Government shall never issue charters, licenses, certificates of competency, nor any form of recognition or registration for any organization or individual.”, which says you do not need a “certificate of competency”, i.e. Medical Degree, Law License, etc., to practice these professions. I have a bad feeling that Bubba who failed the ninth grade but has the gift of gab, will be the one telling someone they need their gall bladder removed and all they need to do is give him 10 ounces of gold.

Once again we feel taxation is not the problem and going to extremes and using secession as a tool to get out of paying taxes has consequences that will be hell to pay.

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