Secession Realities, Public to Private Ownership of Services – Education

The issue of the transfer and ownership of previously governmental managed entities to private holdings in the new Republic of Texas is quite interesting. As the proposed Constitution does away with all public entities such as Education, any and all Medical Service, Fire Protection, etc., many new opportunities are available for entrepreneurs. In our first article in this area let us look at Education.

The proposed Constitution of the New Republic of Texas provides that:

Article 5 – Transfer of Government Real Property
Section 2. Education Facilities
a. Any public property currently used as an education facility may be awarded to a voluntary organization of individuals interested in providing education services to Texans provided that at least fifty percent of the members of the organization were, within five years prior to Texas Freedom Day, themselves students or had children who were students of the education facility being awarded or were teachers in that facility. This property may be awarded for no fee provided that the owner or manager of the organization submits an affidavit that the organization has agreed to maintain the education facilities and use them as education facilities to provide education services to Texans at cost for at least ten years.
b. Any education facility for which no organization meeting the requirements of paragraph a is willing to accept responsibility shall be auctioned the same as any other property.

The idea as the framers point out is that “You will be able to control what your children learn. There will be no more government-run public schools which means there will no longer be any need for forced taxation to pay for them. And, since there will no longer be any government rules about what can and can’t be taught, you and your school can decide that. You can even decide to have daily prayers and Koran readings. Or not. You and your school decide. You can home school. If you want. You can form a teaching cooperative. If you want. You can send your children to private school. If you want. You will be in control.”

Ok, so now we have a government that is not allowed to issue currency and a population that has to pursue all transactions with gold. The owners, shall according to the same Article, Section 4. Part C. “be a sole proprietorships shall reorganize to a sole proprietorship or an organization based entirely on contract.” Therefore we will have a non-profit? entity providing this service. As the entity can only provide the service at cost for the first ten years, we must ask what is “at cost”? Does “at cost” provide for salaries of the owners, administrators, principals, maintenance crews, public relations officials, bus drivers, coaches, staff and oh yeah, teachers? Does it also include repayment of the cost of purchasing the school and all associated properties? The list as you can see goes on and on.

Now, how are the citizens who want their children educated afford to have their children educated. With no currency, most folks will be working the fields, fishing, ranching and guarding their property. Most will not have the time or experience to even begin to know how to educate their children.

The New Republic of Texas will quickly fall into the abyss of having an uneducated populace and thus a populace that is unable to compete on the world stage. But maybe just maybe this is what the framers true intent is. With an uneducated populace, the educated within it will be able to assert great control. They will be the rulers of the society. They will be the ones in position to exert their control over the uneducated masses.

The function of public education is to provide the means for the population to be educated with the tools necessary to benefit the society. Other than the safety and security of the citizenry, education is one of the most vital functions a government can provide. It is our opinion the so framers of the Constitution for the New Republic of Texas in their zeal to do away with all taxation, have failed to see the ramifications of this policy and would lead Texas to becoming the next Somalia.

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  1. Once you understand that Texas can go alone as it’s own country the rest doesnt matter. Texas has enough oil and resourses to succeed. We have to biggest Military bases a big navy base and a space center qne a ;ot of hi tech computer type companys. If you really are texan you would know these things. Texas has people who want to be representatives for their country and will do it for the love of Texas. We don;t need public schools. The churches will teach the children and whose church isn’t teaching kids there parents can homeschool them. You don’t seem to be a texas patriot or you would know these things.

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