Secession Realities – Licenses to practice a trade or profession

After having to visit the doctor yesterday for what was diagnosed as food poisoning, I started thinking about a part of the proposed Texas Constitution regarding the doing away with any requirement of licensing to practice any profession one chooses. I always wanted to be a doctor and once Texas secedes I will be able to hang my shingle and start my practice.  Never mind that I have BA in History it’s the thought of the framers that education is meaningless any way and according to:
Article 2. Limits of Government
Section 7. Government shall never issue charters, licenses, certificates of competency, nor any form of recognition or registration for any organization or individual.According to the framers this means that you will be able to work without permission from government. You will not be issued nor required to have a government-furnished ID number, ie., Social Security Number. You will not need a need a license to practice your trade or profession.

Sounds pretty good until you really consider the possible ramifications this would most undoutbably lead to.

Consider my predicament from this weekend.  I was traveling on a couple of hour jaunt and decided to stop in a small town and get something to eat.  By the time I got home I was feeling kind of icky and by midnight downright sick.  Now according to the framers if I want to be a health inspector all I have to do is twitch my nose and kazam, I’m a Health Inspector.  I wonder if that was what lead me to my predicament but that’s another issue.  I don’t find the Health Inspection business to my liking so I decide I’m going to be an Orthopedic Surgeon.  All I have to do is find office space and some doctoring tools and then convince the uneducated populace that I can perform a double level spinal fusion.

One of the benefits of the new system is that since I don’t have to prove any competency to be a doctor, you can’t sue me if I accidentally paralyze your from the waist down.  I’m allowed to carry any type of weapon I deem fit so believe me I’ll be protected in case you come after me that way.  But say you do want to sue me and can find a lawyer, alot of politicians are out of work so I’m sure they will be hawking their services.  But for a better deal you can hire my brother who used to work in a wrecking yard and was an actor at a local theater.  He always wanted to be a lawyer but could not afford to go to college and was not smart enough to get any scholarships.  But he does have the gift of gab and that’s all a good lawyer needs, right?

But, in all seriousness, consider some real ramifications.  The Republic as we discussed earlier will have no public education and let’s say your community puts together a community school.  Joe Blow comes and interviews and seems very knowledgable and sincere in his desire to teach your children.  how are you to know tah hs is a convicted child molester who sees this as a golden opportunity. There is no way for you to check if he is an educator let alone a child molester.   The scenarios go on and on and get scarier and scarier.

And lastly be careful where you stop and get fried chicken.  It’s really was an unpleasant experience.

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