Perry has Retired?

This really falls into the WTF category.  The Gov has continuously harped on the campaign trail about the evils of government entitlement programs. He has called the collecting of taxes to fund retirement progrms unconstitutional.  Just last November he said “Why is the government collecting your tax money for retirement and health care programs?  That’s not a stated constitutional role.”

So, now we learn that just 2 months after this famous quote, The Gov. officially retired. Huh?  Isn’t he still parading around the country as Texas Governor?

The Gov takes in a healthy $150,000 salary. Now he is collecting another $7,698 a month, yes a month in retirement pay.  The Gov. kept this hush hush for almost a year, but thanks to Federal Election Commission disclosure forms it has come out in the daylight. his campaign has been trying to delay the reporting but were unable to stall past Thursday.  We understand now why they were so aggressive in the stalling tactics.

Even in Right Wing Land or Iowa, some folks don;t quite see the logic of this. On a campaign stop in Cherokee, Iowa, Perry was asked why the Employee Retirement System should be paying his retirement while he’s still collecting a salary.  The Gov stammered  “That’s been in place for decades. … I don’t find that to be out of the ordinary…. I think you would be rather foolish to not access what you’ve earned.”

The Gov’s campaign mouthpiece, Ray Sullivan, said the governor’s early collection of his pension benefits is “consistent with Texas state law.”

Whats more is that The Gov. will get credit for subsequent years he continues to be The Gov., even if he isn’t actually governing, but out smoozing and campaigning for higher office.

It get’s better, The Gov is allowed to retire in two different systems — the “employee class” from which he is retired and taking benefits from now, and the “elected class” system he will take retirement from when he finally leaves office.  Plus, The Gov. will also is eligible for Social Security benefits and lifetime, state-provided health care.

Not bad for a guy who has called for sweeping changes to the Social Security us peons are eligible for and is up in arms against “special perks” members of Congress get.

I’m willing to bet that the Right Wingers and the Teabaggers will see no hypocrisy in this at all.

Perry tells Federal Workers My Way or the Highway

During yesterday’s speech in New Hampshire at Saint Anselm College, The Gov said something akin to dictatorship,  much like we have now here in Texas.

The Gov said “Having agencies of government that are there, are going to have individuals that are — understand my core philosophy, that government should do a few things.”  He continued “Having men and women who share my philosophy, and then giving that clear instruction to those agencies.   I don’t think you can fire federal bureaucrats, but you can reassign them — so reassign them to some really God-awful place.”

So what we are hearing is that one can no longer think for oneself.  You must blindly follow orders from above regardless of whether they are constitutionally legal or not.

It never ceases to amaze how Right Wingers and Teabaggers who claim they want to get the country back to following the Constitution are the ones who would really lead us into a Dictatorship which has no regard for the Constitution and Bill of Rights.


Perry doesn’t know voting age or election date

While giving a speech at Saint Anselm College today, The Gov told the audience that when elected he will pass a constitutional amendment to make Congress part time. The Gov then asked “Those of you that will be 21 by November the 12th, I ask for your support and your vote.”  He then followed with “those of you who won’t be just work hard.”

Oops, appears as if  The Gov needs to actually read up on the voting laws and work on getting the vote of the 18 year olds too, since the voting age in America is 18.

Even better though is that The Gov told them the Election Day was November the 12th.  Poetic Justice I guess.  Those Right Wing Teabaggers that are dumb enough to listen to him will miss the actual Election Day of November 6th and not get to vote anyway.

Perry For No Child Left Behind Before He Was Against It

Do these people running for President think we are just stupid?  They think they can just spout off any nonsense they want and we will believe then and follow them like sheep.  Case in point.  At the Faux News-Google Tea Party Debate, our beloved Gov said “I was also vocal against No Child Left Behind. It gets back to the federal government has no business telling the states how to educate our children.”

Okie Dokie.  Sounds good, the Teabaggers love it.  One itsy bitsy problem, in 2002, The Gov loved No Child Left Behind, even issuing a Press Release on his Official State of Texas Governor’s web site.

Friday, July 26, 2002  •  Press Release

 HOUSTON – Gov. Rick Perry and U.S. Secretary of Education Rod Paige announced today that Texas’ No Child Left Behind implementation plan has received federal approval. The approval clears the way for almost $400 million in new federal funding, moving the governor’s education plan a step closer to the classroom.

“Texas was a model for President Bush’s No Child Left Behind legislation, and we continue to lead the nation “in innovative solutions to improve our schools”, Perry said. “The U.S. Department of Education’s stamp of approval means we can move forward with our plan to improve early childhood education, dropout prevention, teaching excellence, science education and our schools’ use of technology.”

The Texas Education Agency submitted the state’s No Child Left Behind implementation plan to the U.S. Department of Education last month. The plan includes funding to help local school districts implement Perry’s blueprint to continue improvements in Texas schools.

So The Gov champions taking $400,000,000 from the nasty Federal Government and then brags that Texas will “lead the nation in innovative solutions to improve our schools.”

Did it happen?  Nope!

According to the Center for Public Policy Priorities,  since taking $400 million in new federal funding, Texas now ranks 3rd from the bottom for High School Drop Outs.  Who is worse than Texas?  Only Arizona and Nevada.

How much of the “$400 million in new federal funding” went to promoting “Innovative solutions to improve our schools” or creationist quasi religious anti-science programs we will probably never know.  But what has been the result of these so called “Innovative solutions to improve our schools”?  You be the judge:

  • Texas has one of the highest dropout rates in the nation
  • The National Kids Count Project estimates that 13 percent of all Texas’ 16-19 year olds are not enrolled in school and not high school graduates.
  • The poverty rate among high school dropouts is estimated at 31 percent — 10 times that of college graduates.
  • One report states that 89% percent of Texas prison inmates did not complete high school.
  • Texas has the nation’s fourth highest adult incarceration rate.

So what does this tell us?  Texas does not invest in its children.  Texas takes the cheap route with the end result of a significant drag on its own economy.

Instead of investing, yeah I know that’s a dirty word to the Teabaggers, in our children we end up with huge spending on prisons and poverty.

This is only a glimpse of what is to come if Texas were to secede.  Remember folks,  these Teabaggers that want secession also want to end Public Education.  Every one of the GOP Presidential Candidates wants to abolish the Department of Education. People of Texas need to wake up and realize that not all government spending is bad.  Investing in our youth only benefits us.  Educated, productive citizens only help the economy of Texas while the inverse has only a negative result.

Pat Robertson Says Having Alzheimer’s An OK Reason To Get Divorced

This just gets my craw.  Irks me to no end.  Flat out pisses me off.  I guess you get my drift.

The Associated Press reports that past presidential candidate and leader of the 700 Club, Pat Robertson told his viewers that “divorcing a spouse with Alzheimer’s is justifiable”.  Robertson went on to say “I know it sounds cruel, but if he’s going to do something, he should divorce her and start all over again, but make sure she has custodial care and somebody looking after her.”

Robertson’s co-host, asked about a couples’ marriage vows, you know that part about to take care of each other “for better or for worse” and “in sickness and in health.”

Pobertson replied “If you respect that vow, you say ’til death do us part, this is a kind of death.”

WTF? This is just on of hundreds of examples of how the new Republican brand of religion is 180 out.

Another example is The Gov’s visit to at  the Rev. Jerry Falwell’s, Liberty University, to bolster his religous creds no doubt.  In The Gov’s Speech the students cheered louder at the mention of guns than they did for his mention of living a moral life.

In my humble view, it appears that Republican Christians no longer recognize the teachings of Christ.  They view everything politically, even the Holy Text, The Bible.  I don’t think God would not recognize his so called Evangelical Christian followers.  You know the Teabagger ones that say f^%! the poor, Greed is Good.  The Apostle Mark wrote “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.”  These very same so called Christians cheered “Yeah” at a recent televised Tea Party Debate, when asked if a poor 30 year old should be left to die if he did not have insurance.

Something has gone truly wrong if this is the modern Christianity.

Perry Holding Disaster Relief Funds Hostage

While berating the Obama Administration for not providing FEMA money to fight the wildfires across Texas, The Gov is holding back 49.7 million dollars which could be used immediately to aid the firefighters who in many cases are having to pay for gear out of their own pockets.  The Gov’s office is in charge of distributing the money from The Disaster Contingency Fund to local governments in cases of emergencies just like the state is encountering right now.

The Gov has said that the fund would “be used to pay costs associated with pre-positioning state resources in anticipation of disasters; reimburse local jurisdictions for disasters that do not meet federal disaster declaration standards; provide up-front funding to smaller jurisdictions that lack the necessary resources to conduct large-scale emergency operations; and pay the federal matching fund obligations that are required for reimbursement from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).”

Lawmakers have tried to put more money in the fund, especially in the wake of the past few hurricanes, but The Gov has shot down any such expenditures in the wake of the worst budget deficit in modern history.  The Gov said his office will have to evaluate everything first before making any decisions about disaster funding, including requests from lawmakers for a special session to consider tapping into the Rainy Day Fund to help pay for these unprecedented disasters the State is encountering.

It appears as if The Gov, in the midst of his presidential campaign, is playing up to his Teabagger base and promoting their mantra “everyman for himself”.  Lawmakers need to override any veto threat and demand help for the people of this great State.

Tea Partiers Cheer Death

When Ron Paul was asked during Monday’s tea party presidential debate if an uninsured 30-year-old who became seriously ill should be allowed to die, several audience members yelled “yes!” and the audience cheered. Paul’s response: “That’s what freedom is all about, taking your own risk.”

I can’t for the life of me believe that the people of this country have sunk this low.  2000 years ago the Romans were cheering Christians being put to death in the Coliseum.  Is that where we are now?  Are we in the declining throes where all we have left is a want to deprive the less prosperous of our own society of basic necessities?

The Preamble of The Constitution of the United States, yes the very document the Teabaggers swear everything in life must adhere to no deviations states

“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

Look Welfare up in the dictionary and it defines the word as

welfare n. 1. health, happiness, or prosperity; well-being.

I am afraid the Teabaggers do not really care for the Constitution and just want to see blood and I am very afraid we may very well be doomed if this is what a Christian Nation led by the Teabaggers is all about.



Governor Perry Skips Wildfire Press Conference

The Gov skipped out on a planned visit to Bastrop Texas on Saturday, as criticism of his handling and occasional tone deafness surrounding the dangerous blaze continues to grow. The Campaigner-in-Chief was scheduled to hold a press conference in Bastrop. The location of the press conference was changed once, and then local officials briefed the media without The Gov. His mouthpiece, Allison Castle, reported that The Gov was in Austin

Last week, The Gov was in South Carolina and supposedly left to return to address the wildfires, but decided it would be more fun to go visit some Teabagger friends and do some secessionist planning, campaigning and fundraising out west in California. A spokesman for his fundraising team commented that fundraising was “going like wildfire” – a term many Texans suffering the worst drought and fires consider tone deaf to their current situation.

Perry Has Cut Firefighting Funds And Now Texas Burns

The Gov. took some time off from campaigning to address the fires that are burning across the state.   The Gov did not address the fact that he slashed state funding in this year’s budget for the volunteer fire departments that are trying to save Texas from burning to a crisp.  In the budget he proposed and got passed he cut the funding of volunteer fire departments from $30 million to $7 million.

As anyone living in Texas knows, if you don’t live in a city the volunteer firefighters are your only hope when fire comes calling.   There are 879 volunteer fire departments in Texas and only 114 paid fire departments. There are another 187 departments are a combination of volunteer and paid.

The Teabaggers in the State Congress and Senate stood beside The Gov. and pushed through their “Less Government Spending Agenda through again, gutting more money that would have benefited social services. Now that it appears God is showing his displeasure at this Teabagger agenda and sending forth his wrath on Texas and in the meantime, the under equipped volunteers are flat worn out and are unable to keep ahead of the fires, The Gov is backing off his call that FEMA is unconstitutional.

At Monday’s press conference The Gov said that he would have FEMA would be in Texas by Wednesday. The Gov told CBS news that now (during a campaign where his own state is needing aid) was not the time to worry about reforming the agency.  He went on to say “The issue is taking care of these people right now.  There are a lot of issues we can talk about, but the fact of the matter is now is not the time to be trying to work out the details of how to make these agencies more efficient. Let’s get people out of harm’s way.”

So in other words, Let’s get the FEMA/Federal money and get these fires out. The Gov and his Teabagger allies can then figure out how to shut down FEMA.  Also interesting how he is not repeating Cantor’s demand that cuts to other areas of the budget be made before funds can be allocated to fight the disaster.