Your Texas A Nuclear Waste Dump

It looks as if an Andrews County Landfill owned by Waste Control Specialists LLC, which is owned by Harold Simmons will be allowed to import 2.3 million tons of nuclear waste now that  Bobby Gregory’s, one of the eight-member Texas Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Compact Commission, term has expired.  Mr Gregory has opposed the importation […]

Perry Says Social Security Is Unconstitutional

Knowing the repercussions of the alienating the older bloc of voters, The Gov’s campaign staff has been working hard this past week to soften and even reverse The Gov’s position on Social security. The Gov’s Communications Director Ray Sullivan told the Wall Street Journal last week, that the contents of Perry’s book were not meant […]

Perry is wishing he hadn’t written his “Fed Up” Manefesto.

Just goes to show you how brilliant The Gov is. Nine months ago he was strutting around, proud as a peacock, signing autographs, having the time of his life while promoting his manifesto “Fed Up” across the land to admiring Teabaggers. Just last Friday The Gov. was campaigning, railing against the very US government he […]

Texas job growth not all Perry leads us to believe.

On the Presidential campaign trail, The Gov. is wowing the Teabagger crowds in Iowas with his purported record as the job creator in chief. The record of jobs in Texas is not quite as great as he would have you believe however. The media never tries to explain the true underlying effects of job growth […]

Perry says Troops don’t respect President

Yesterday, while schmoozing for votes in Iowa, The Gov. told a crowd why he’s running for president saying “One of the reasons that I’m running for president is I want to make sure that every young man and woman who puts on the uniform of the United States respects highly the president of the United […]

Perry says Medicare and Social Security are Unconstitutional

The Daily Beast published a good article today that really exposes the madness of The Gov.  In the article Governor Perry is asked “I see how that might make sense for, say, education. But what would it mean for something like Social Security—a big, national safety net? In the book, you call Social Security a […]

Perry To Announce Presidential Run This Weekend

Politico is reporting that The Gov.  will reportedly announce a presidential run in South Carolina on Saturday.  Perry is to speak at a RedState convention and will make clear his intentions.   After the speech and smoozing with the money people in South Carolina he flies to New Hampshire for a house party with TeaBagger State […]

Higher Job Growth in the Public than Private Sector in Texas?

The Gov. likes to brag about how many private sector jobs he has created during his tenure. He boasts that the government doesn’t create any jobs. He even has said that the government can actually run jobs away. The Wall Street Journal, owned by Richard Murdoch of Fox News and which is not known in […]

ACLU requests that Governor Perry disclose use of public resources for “Call to Prayer”

Oh Boy, Oh boy. A few days ago the Freedom From Religion Foundation filed a federal lawsuit aiming to block Perry from participating in “The Response: A Call to Prayer for a Nation in Crisis” at Houston’s Reliant Stadium.  The ACLU of Texas has requested that The Gov.  disclose the amount of Texas Taxpayer dollars […]