Perry states Texans will pay for his security

In our last Post we posed the questions of whether or not The Gov. would require Texas taxpayers to cover the cost of security should he enter the Presidential race.   We also posed the question as to whether or not he would resign as the governorship to run.  Well yesterday The Gov signed the Medicaid […]

Governor Perry “Called” to run for Presidency

Over the weekend, while not attending church services, The Gov. received a calling from the almighty to run for the presidency of the very Government he abhors.  Is God really mad at the Republicans?  Is he pitting brother against brother or in this case brother against sister?  Has he called Michelle and The Gov. for […]

No go for Texas’ Anti TSA Bill for now

The TSA bill which would ban invasive pat-downs by TSA agents officials failed to get final approval by the Republican Texas legislature before lawmakers ended their special session on Wednesday. Republican Representative David Simpson said on the House floor that this was s not his last effort to stop unreasonable searches and that he is […]

Hmm another sign Perry may run

Several news reports have The Gov attending a private fund raising event in Vail Colorado.  The affair put on by the right wing political financiers, the Koch Brothers, was an opportunity for The Gov to let the brothers know how good he was doing for them in Texas or according to his spokesman Mark Miner, […]